Birth, Death, Illness, and Life

So I can finally say 2015 is behind me. That mofo promised to kill me. That’s why I stayed in hiding until now. ;)

Anyways, last year was The Year…. you know that year that you fear. It did everything it could to try to drown me. There were some good things…. like the birth of a few special men.

There was so really horrid shit too.

Death of loved ones, and illnesses, lots and lots of illnesses. Some didn’t claim the lives of loved ones, Thank the Gods. Other illnesses where they didn’t take the life, they did take life. Life changed because of some of the illnesses that happened last year.

Those changes threw me off of my hike to my goals.

I’m going to be easy on myself this year. I’m going to give myself time to heal from everything that happened last year. My goals for this blog this year are to reacquaint myself with my writer blogger friends. I won’t be blogging for at the very least the first half of the year while I get back into the flow of spending time here. I want to catch up on the novels and novellas of the wonderful authors I know and author friends.

I just realized I missed the release of Dylan J. Morgan’s novel…. I love this novel.

Anyways, those are my intentions for this year.


Pig is the last animal in the Chinese zodiac.

Pig is patient, loyal, sincere, thoughtful, intelligent, gallant, noble, perfectionist, they’re honest and expect honesty in return, faithful, and once they become friends their friends for life.

They can be gullible, materialistic, and overweight.

Compatible with Rabbit. Incompatible with Monkey, and Snake.

Pig 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019, 2031

Zodiac :: Sagittarius

November 22 through December 21
The Archer of the zodiac.

Sagittarius is adventurous and easily bored by routine, excessive, overindulges in everything, they are travelers , dynamic, ethical, humorous, generous, openhearted, compassionate, and energetic, have a positive outlook on life, full of energy, ambitious, optimistic, honest, trustworthy, generous, truthful, sincere.








They’re prone to excessive pride, foolishness, impulsiveness, impracticality, superstitious; when angry they are masters of using the correct words to deeply wound their foes.

Compatible with Ares, Taurus, and Virgo.

It’s believed Sagittarius have large well-shaped skull, high broad forehead, tall broad figure, and fair hair.


Footprints are important in the supernatural world.

Footprints prints are believed to have some essence of who ever created the print. In Africa, people make sure their footprints are destroyed so witches cannot use the dirt from the print for evil magic against them.

More so for people who want to be a werewolf.

wolf print

Drinking water collected in the footprints of wolf’s -extra power for footprints left in Clay- gave people the power to shape shift into a werewolf.


The vampire demon of Aramaic lore is called Ephata and appears as a shadow.
This one of the weirdest creations I’ve ever heard of. Ready?

When the body of the deceased doesn’t decay properly the soul is forced to stay with the body and is bound to to this world.

At night the spirit leaves its body and searches for humans to drain of blood. If its corpse is destroyed the Ephata will be released from the binding and can move to the next world.

Image from Google search

Ghost Sickness

This is the belief that ghosts can cause illness and death. Many tribal societies and those that follow and animistic approach believe there is a time period, usually a few days where the soul remains close to its body after death.

girl ghost

These few days are dangerous to the living because the ghost is lonely and seeks the living for company. Children, because their souls are weaker, and haven’t attached to the body as firmly, are at higher risk. Ghost sickness is part of the reasons behind so many death and funeral customs.

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