In Argentina and parts of Brazil Paraguay and Uruguay the lore of a werewolf or weredog that walks on it’s hind legs is prominent. The Lobizon is described as being short in stature like an enormous monkey. Has sharp claws long hanging ears small childlike legs and a tail covered in long dark hair. It has an evil chilling stare.


The Lobizon attacks dogs and bothers humans it breaks into houses. A report from Argentina states that Lobizon entered a house where it was beaten by the residence until it appeared to be dead. When they dragged it outside it jumped up injured and ran away.

It’s believed the seventh son is destined to be an Lobizon and shape-shift at midnight on a full moon especially if it’s a Friday. He transforms to human again at Don. Argentina’s ex-president Juan Domingo Peron decided all seventh sons must be baptized in order to stop Lobizons from being created.

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Horse is the 7th animal in the Chinese zodiac.

Horse is good looking, agile, witty, perceptive, popular, cheerful, spontaneous, wise, educated, social, witty, their travelers need more freedom, they thrive when this attention.

They can be gullible, stubborn, anxious, and rude.

Compatible with Dog, and Tiger. Incompatible with Monkey, and Rat.

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Whenever I hear charm, I think of a little figure on a bracelet.
This isn’t what I’m talking about today though.

In magic or witchcraft, a charm is/are magical words, phrases, chants, incantations, or prayers when verbal.
They’re also incantations or symbols drawn on paper, parchment, wood, or other materials including the body.
There are other charms that include phrases and actions like spitting.


They’ve been common since ancient times and can be used for any purpose: find love or riches, fertility and potency, or to make a man impotent, revenge, to keep a lover faithful, protection of self, property or animals, or to get rid of pests.

Folk witches, and cunning folk were often sought to create a charm to break or repel spells of other witches, ill-wishing, evil eye, etc.
The church promoted the use of holy charms like rosaries, and holy relics. In the 17th Century, the rosary was blessed as a charm/amulet against fire, tempest, and evil spirits.
Abracadabra was originally a charm from around the 2nd Century Rome, probably older, and was believed to cure fever.

Folk witches renowned for their healing abilities used many charms creating the name Charmers for themselves. I’m sure charmers became a nickname the townsfolk called them.
They used Christian prayers spoken or written in Latin. The church was okay with the use of these prayers and scripture quotes for protection and cures, but they didn’t like Charmers and witches prescribing them.
In the 17th Century a sorcerer from Nottingham began selling a charm against witchcraft, copies of St. John’s Gospel, and to break the spell he prescribed herbs and the recitation of five Our Fathers, five Hail Mary’s, and one Creed.

In the 19th Century, England poems similar to nursery rhymes were said to protect against witchcraft. Witches had their own good luck charms too. They were also used for other purposes like gathering medicinal herbs.
The belief in charms started to dwindle in the 17th Century. There are some we still use today though, Ladies –guys too- how many times did you pluck petals from a flower while saying, “He loves me…. He loves me not”? I know my friends and I plucked every flower and clover we could find one year.
Wiccans replaced the word charm with chant or incantation.

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Zodiac :: Cancer

June 22 to July 22

The Crab and peacemaker of the zodiac.

Cancers have a lot of patience and understanding, hate to see others in pain, love to nurture and help others, don’t like to be in conflicts often hiding their feelings to prevent one, emotional, vulnerable, sensitive, kind, romantic, emotional, imaginative, sympathetic, and nurturing.
They can be prone to moodiness, hypersensitivity, depression, clinginess, can seem thick-skinned, unemotional, uncompromising, formidable, and shrewd. Home is the most important “restful” place for cancer. Female Cancers have strong maternal instincts and want a lot of children.

Compatible with Pieces, Scorpio, and Aquarius.

It’s believe they have smallish shoulders and slender limbs, females have modest curves, small feat, small fingers, round face, broad forehead, light hair, trusting eyes, and variable height.


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Pointing in many cultures it was believed that a witch or sorcerers had the power to kill someone by pointing at them.


If the Pawang from Malaysia pointed his magical dagger at someone it would trip with blood. Various Native American tribes have legends of pointing at animals in order to kill them.

The thought behind these legends is magicians have the power to use their will like a weapon and directed at others. If the witch wishes that the injury flowing from her fingers attracts the dark forces needed to complete her wish.

**Food for thought does that which truly hex her victim or is the victim’s belief of the witch’s power bringing about their own curse?

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Ill Wishing
Long ago people often blamed bad luck on ill wishing. If two people argued and later one got sick, had an accident, or some other stroke of bad luck the other person was suspected of ill wishing.

More so, if one said, “You’ll be sorry”. Those three words were taken seriously and anyone who uttered them was immediately suspected of witchcraft.

Sometimes arguments weren’t the cause of suspected ill wishing. If someone had a good deal of good fortune but it suddenly went away, they believed their neighbors had secretly ill wished them.

Ill wishing could be cured by finding a witch or cunning folk. Often the cunning man or women or witch would break or neutralize the ill wishing with a charm. If the ill-wisher wasn’t known divination could be used to reveal their identity.