Tiger is the third animal in the Chinese zodiac.

Tigers are sensitive, courageous, exude power, passionate, welcome risk, have the ability to excite others to action, authorize, self-possessed, seductive.

They can be reckless, foolish, selfish, short tempered, make poor decisions, and are suspicious, they must be challenged –if not they’ll wonder, moody.

Compatible with Dog, and Horse. Incompatible with Ox and Goat, they clash with Monkey.

Tiger births 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1988, 2010, 2022


In India, a vampire-witch exist called Asrapa.

She wanders naked through cemeteries where she feeds on the flesh of men, women, or children. She’s not fussy on whether the flesh is from the living or the dead.


Asrapa is a shape-shifter who can raise the dead by a gift given to her by the Goddess Kali.
She’s believed to be the daughter of the Sage Kasyape and his wife Muni the daughter of Daksha. Others believe Brahma was angry and thought of a monster creating the Asrapa meaning blood drinker from his excess energy.


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The Romi or previously called Romanian Gypsies believed shooting a bullet into the ground and penetrating the coffin in question would kill a vampire.


Bram Stocker used this myth in his novel Dracula but he added to it by making the bullet silver and calling it a “sacred bullet”.

silver bullet

You also know a sliver bullet is the only thing that can kill a werewolf


February 18 to March 17
Ash people are freethinkers, imaginative, intuitive, naturally artistic, at times moody, and withdrawn, they are interested in all forms of spirituality, people think they’re reclusive but they’re too far in their own world, easily in touch with music, and inspired by nature, they enjoy art, writing poetry, science, and theology.
Mates Willow and Reed


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Revenant is a variation of the French word Revenir or to return, it could be translated to “one who returns after death”.

Vampire lore uses the word to describe anyone who has died and risen from the grave and lives an unlife or undeath among the living.

Note not all vampires are revenants but a lot are. Not all revenants are vampires.

Zombies are also counted as Revenants.

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Researching a Fantasy Story, and How Mythology Helps by Guest Author Craig Boyack

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If there are two things you have learned about me from following this blog, it’s 1. I love mythology, and 2. I love researching mythology! It seems I am not alone; fellow author and blogger, Craig Boyack, has dropped by to tell us how mythology helped pave the way for grounding…