Rabbit is the fourth animal in the Chinese zodiac.

Rabbits are friendly artistic, passionate, talented, affectionate, articulate, ambitious, tactful, kind, family oriented; they avoid conflict, sophisticated, excellent diplomats, politicians, and politicians because they’re excellent speakers.

They can be lazy, self-indulgent, and moody, they love gossip and are good gamblers, and they need to work on their self-confidence and self worth.

Compatible with Pig, and Goat. Incompatible with Rooster, Rat, and Monkey

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We’ve gone over many witches that either act like vampires or turn into a vampire after death.
The Porcelnik is one of those vampires.
In life, the Porcelnik lives in Russia. He’s a human sorcerer that displays vampire activities.


The town’s people call him Porcelnik or “The Harmer”.
Once the sorcerer dies, the townsfolk burn his body on a pyre of Aspen wood to keep him from rising and becoming an Eretik vampire revenant.

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March 21 to April 20


The Ram of the zodiac.

Aries are known for explosive tempers, impulsive behaviors, they’re good at initiating projects but they’re not eager to finish them, needs lots of exercise to burn off excess energy, enthusiastic, passionate, ambitious, loves a good challenge, confident, and adventurous.

They make great leaders they are genuinely concerned for those they command, have high sex drives, are passionate lovers, are devoted to their children, like to be first at everything.
Prone to impatience, stubborn, selfishness, forcefulness, intolerance, impulsiveness, aggressive, restless, argumentative, quick- tempered, easily offended, hold grudges, can be promiscuous.










It’s believed Aries people have strong angular features, prominent chin, prominent nose and mouth, they have an athletic build. They were thought to have fair red hair, are of average height and tan complexions.

Compatible with Gemini, Leo, Libra, and Scorpio.


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Russian folklore believes any dying person can be possessed before death a witch will reanimate the possessed body. The body will become an Eretik or “heretic”.
Other ways of becoming an Eretik are living life as a heretic, selling your soul to the devil, sleeping on a grave, or making inappropriate noises in a bathhouse.

As soon as the vampire is created, it begins its hunt of consuming flesh and blood first from its family, then from others. Its feedings will make people die.
Eretiks have the most vicious look that anyone who sees his angered expression will die.
It lives in dry riverbeds where it routinely performs Black Masses. It’s most active at night and in spring and fall.
While this vampire is, a living being it must be killed by traditional vampire killing methods: a stake through the heart followed by beheading and burning the remains to ash.


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Will O’ the Wisp :: Book Review


Will O’ the Wisp

YA Paranormal is my thing. Well, to be honest, you just have to say “paranormal” and you’ve got my attention. So when C. S. Boyack said just that…. “YA Paranormal” I was drooling and my fingers were tingling, and my eyes started this strange twitch from side to side, that’s reminiscent of watching someone read.

I waited as calmly as I could for him to send over his ARC of Will O’ the Wisp. I’ll be honest with that title I had all sorts of ideas in my mind of what the book would be. I know of all sorts of paranormal creatures that were dropped in the Wisp group.

I expected a teenage girl that has “issues” with her mom and maybe her dad too. That was there in some real new ways that are the same for every teenage girl. Patty has to wear leg braces and her mom (a mom speaking here) protects her from every possible danger and wants her in those braces, (a previous teenage girl here) expects too much of her and babies her at the same time.

Will O’ the Wisp is set in the 1970s and tells the story of Patty Hall a young girl fascinated with space and the recent space excursions of NASA.
I was surprised with the Science Fiction, I was going to question Boyack about the paranormal, but honestly by that time I was already invested in Patty and had to know more about her. I’m happy I did.

Patty believes the Will O’ Wisps she sees one night is an alien, I knew better. As the story goes on and very strange things start happening, like a guy drowning in a jail cell and bubbling water from his own body, and the death of her uncle. Her uncle’s death leaves her and her older brother (serving in Vietnam) as the only surviving Halls. Patty starts understanding she’s not dealing with an alien but a witch. A VERY OLD WITCH that’s cursed her family for generations. And just like that the fight’s on.

It’s up to Patty to save not only her family, but herself. Her research and quick mind helps her in a big all out ritual and magical fight. I loved this part! I don’t want to give the ending away so you’ll have to read it for yourselves.

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March 18 through April 14
Alder people are natural born Pathfinders, mover and shakers often have followers, charming, Gregarious, can easily interact with a lot of personalities and get along with everyone, confident and believe in themselves and others, their time is very important to them and they won’t tolerate time wasters, they’re motivated by actions and results.
Mates Hawthorne, Oak, and Birch


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Dog Rose

Commonly found in Europe and Asia. Dog rose is a bushy plant with pink or white flowers and thorny branches.
dog rose 1

dog rose 2

The area has added dog rose into its vampire lore. Gathering the petals and throwing the blooms and at a vampire will force it to stop and count them.

dog rose 3


You can also string the blooms up and wrap the garland around a coffin to keep a vampire from rising.