Yep pigs are what I’m going to talk about today.

Killing a pig on October 17 -the feast day of St. Ignacius- and smearing the pigs blood on your body will keep vampires away from you.
Smearing pig lard on the corpse is believed to keep it from becoming a vampire.

Wallachian lore says vampires prefer to shape-shift into a pig.


Black thorn is a wood said to be effective in slaying vampires.
Blackthorn’s supernatural power is believed to come from its association to Christ and the crown of thorns he wore during the passion of the crucifixion. It’s believed only Blackthorn can kill Lastovo Island vampires.


If placing a stake over vampires grave it will prevent the devil that inhabited the corpse from escaping. It also helps vampire hunters to beat the devil with it.


The “bad natured spirit” from India is called a Bhuta. It’s a vampire spirit that looks like a flickering light or a shadow, but it can possess a corpse.

Bhutas are created when a person with a physical deformity dies or when someone dies before they should murder, suicide or accident.
Once it has a body, it spreads disease and it now is able to shape-shift into an owl or bat.


The Bhuta is one of the vampires that don’t drink blood. It feeds on corpses sometimes it desires milk. In this case, it will attack a baby that’s recently fed.
Since it mostly feeds from corpses it’s usually habitat is cemeteries, but because it possess the dead, it can be pulled to the corpse’s favorite places while alive. Like alcoholics at bars, book-philes at libraries, etc.

If you start to feel very uncomfortable, and animals start leaving the area, it means a Bhuta is nearby.
To keep it from attacking Mecaru Ceremonies are preformed every 15 days to honor and show respect to the Bhuta. Only then, will the Bhuta search for ways to stay at peace with the community.

It’s believed the Bhuta is a companion of Shiva (the Hindu Great God) it can’t stand on the ground and doesn’t cast a shadow. It hates the smell of burning Turmeric, if it smells it for too long it will disappear.

masks on a shrine

masks on a shrine

Small shrines –for worship, sacrifices and to keep them pleased, are called Bhandara they are found throughout India, but especially where Bhuta are revered. Cradles the only requirement for these shires. Bhuta rests in them, because the Earth is considered sacred and the Bhuta can’t touch it.


Australia’s Aboriginal people have a vampire creature in their lore. This vampire spirit is called a Mrart. It believed the mrart is a restless spirit of a community member.


Their powers are strongest at night. It goes to campfires and pulls its victim from the light of the campfire.

Aborigines believe the mrart and other spirits can pocesses a body, even while the body’s original spirit still resides within. To make sure the body of a deceased person never rises again, Aborigines tie rocks to the corpse when placed in the grave. Sometimes the limbs are broken.

The deceased’s belongings are destroyed and their personal campsite is never used again.


German Vampire lore has an evil vampire spirit, The Unholde, which translates to mean “the one that is not good or beautiful.”

The Unholde acts out against mankind, especially Christians.

It abducts its victims, cuts out their hearts, then cooks and eats it. A new heart is made of wood, and its placed inside the corpse.

A magical ceremony is preformed to reanimate the corpse. The Unholde was traditionally considered to be a magical practioner- or hexe. The word hexe come to mean a human magical practioner in the late 17th century, by the early 18thcentury it was used to mean witch.

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In Bulgaria and Macedonia there’s a vampire spirit called Vompir or in the case of a female Vompiras.

The Vompir is created when a person isn’t buried or mourned properly, if one dies in disgrace or in an unnatural way: childbirth or suicide.

The Vompir can enter a body of a corpse and possesses it, at night. Once the Vompir has control of the corpse, it animates and seeks out a sleeping person.

The reanimated corpse then suffocates and drains its prey of blood. If you find yourself under a Vompir’s attack you must pray to the god of darkness and night, Troyan, or the goddess of beauty and love, Lada, for deliverance.

The Vompir can cause nightmares and create droughts and divert rivers. To destroy a vompir, it has to be in a corpse, capture, and decapitate it. Its feet and hands must be chopped off.
The body needs to be tied up tightly, then stabbed through the heart with an Aspen Wood stake. A Raven’s claw can be driven into the skull from behind the night ear. The body must be buried under a large millstone.

Oh. What a vampire. Bella Lugosi

Oh. What a vampire. Bella Lugosi

Hahn Saburo

This one is a real strange one.

This vampire spirit originates from India. Usually he’s invisible, but when he’s hunting, he takes the corpse candle ball of light shape. He lures travelers into the forest with the light and making strange noises.


If they don’t come to investigate the noises, he sends his hunting dogs to chase them into the forest. Until they are so far in, there’s no chance of help then he attacks. He drains the body and leaves the corpse for his hounds to eat.

The Blood Vampires Drink


We all agree that Vampires need blood to survive. Whether they choose human blood: forced, by trade, or donated, animal blood, or synthetic they must drink blood.

We have gone over some of the old myths and legends believed vampires could eat human food. Dampires usually consumed human food for the human side of their being, but for today let’s just for sake of this post talk only about drinking blood.

Okay, so now we get close to my post today.

I have always wondered why vampires couldn’t drink from the dead. I don’t mean a corpse that has been dead for a long time. A dead body of a day or two, the blood would lack oxygen and nutrients, but what about a body that has just died.

If you were hungry, a bag of potato chips would ease the hunger. It wouldn’t give you the nutrients to survive, but you wouldn’t be hungry. You’d have sometime before your body gave up on you if that is all you ever ate. Therefore, wouldn’t a vampire be able to drink from a dead body. Wouldn’t a vampire be able to become friends with a doctor at the hospital morgue or an undertaker? Well, maybe an undertaker would only have older bodies that wouldn’t work anymore. That would give him some time to find a suitable donor.

I’ve concluded on this matter. While I was away, I had dental surgery. A facial/oral surgeon removed four wisdom teeth; bone from my bottom right jaw was also removed. The first day my gums leaked blood; by the third day, it wasn’t a bloody taste anymore. I remember driving somewhere with my mom, and saying “No wonder vampires don’t drink old blood, it’s disgusting.”

We usually read or see in movies, Vampires who turn their noses at spilled blood. “It’s not fresh,” is usually what were told, but wouldn’t it still be okay, a little snack to hold you off for a few hours? If blood that is flowing from a live body isn’t consumable then blood that was from a bag wouldn’t be either, Right?

Alternatively, is it because spilling blood has been exposed to the air? Would that really make a difference if a few minutes have passed?

In all honesty, I’m not sure.

Anyone care to share his or her thoughts?

Corpse Candle

There’s this thing called a Corpse Candle.
Yeah, Corpse Candle…

It’s a spectral light (vampiric light) that’s origins are probably German.

It appears to those who travel at night and lures them into danger. Vampires often take the form of a ball of light while flying.


There are many sources that say a Corpse Candle is created when a child dies un-baptized and acts as a death omen. Some say Corpse Candles guard a treasure.

Many types of vampires who can shape-shift into a corpse Candle. We’ll look into some of them in the following weeks.

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