Yep pigs are what I’m going to talk about today.

Killing a pig on October 17 -the feast day of St. Ignacius- and smearing the pigs blood on your body will keep vampires away from you.
Smearing pig lard on the corpse is believed to keep it from becoming a vampire.

Wallachian lore says vampires prefer to shape-shift into a pig.


October 28 through November 24
Reed people are drawn to gossip, scandals, legends, myths, and good stories it might be because of their need to find truth, they’re manipulative, have a strong sense of truth and honor, creative mostly with words, and seem fearless.
Mates Reed, Ash, and Oak


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Zodiac :: Scorpio

October 23 through November 21
scorpio 1
The Scorpion

Scorpios are perceptive, loyal, courageous, clever, determined, focused, inquisitive, restless, energetic, delicate, analytical, keenly prospective, inquisitive, focused, hypnotic, excellent friends, imaginative, intuitive, and dignified.









They are prone to be obsessive, jealous secretive, consumed with bold boundless energy, possessive, trouble expressing feelings, stubborn, complex, they’re reserved to the point of seeming withdrawn –really they’re really watching.

Physically they are quite sturdy, with wide strong shoulders, squarish face, clear-cut features, sensual lips, thick dark hair, and penetrating magnetic eyes.

Compatible with Capricorn, Pieces, and Leo.

scorpio 2

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Zodiac :: Libra

September 23 through October 22
The Scales and Balance of the zodiac.

Libra loves love –they believe it’s their job to restore balance and harmony at all costs, thrives on balance in all aspects, great deal of passion when it comes to love, likes to play games, pleasant, charming, charismatic, fair, highly intelligent, idealistic, refined, self-indulgent, kind, gentle, diplomatic, even-tempered, social, good perception and observation skills.











They are prone to frivolity, indecision, greed, anger, envy, escessive pride, cruelty, coldness, isolation, impatience of criticism, when it comes to approval they have to have a lot of it, they detest conflicts, viciousness, and vulgrity.
Libra men tend to be gamblers. Libra women are extravagant, jealous, and careless with money.

Compatible with Aquaris, Taurus, and Aries.

It’s believed Libra has a graceful figure, roundish head, tan or olive complexion, large soulfull eyes, small refined features, high forehead, thin nose, dark hair, thin eyebrows, they are usually above average height.


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