The vampire demon of Aramaic lore is called Ephata and appears as a shadow.
This one of the weirdest creations I’ve ever heard of. Ready?

When the body of the deceased doesn’t decay properly the soul is forced to stay with the body and is bound to to this world.

At night the spirit leaves its body and searches for humans to drain of blood. If its corpse is destroyed the Ephata will be released from the binding and can move to the next world.

Image from Google search

2 thoughts on “Ephata

  1. Okay, it sounds as if a body needs legal representation in those circumstances. Isn’t it curious, though, how many disparate vampire legends persist – as though the principle of blood-sucking were somehow endemic in the human psyche? I used to be convinced it was just linked to Vlad the Impaler, but it is much more widespread.

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