Yep pigs are what I’m going to talk about today.

Killing a pig on October 17 -the feast day of St. Ignacius- and smearing the pigs blood on your body will keep vampires away from you.
Smearing pig lard on the corpse is believed to keep it from becoming a vampire.

Wallachian lore says vampires prefer to shape-shift into a pig.

8 thoughts on “Pigs

  1. This one is news to me. I love all of your bits of lore.

  2. I would think it would repel everything but the dog.

  3. How long would the effect last, after washing with pig’s blood?

  4. cultivatingtime says:

    Ew – I’ll pass but thanks for sharing.

  5. I certainly think you’d find out who your true friends were. I would delicately suggest that if people started avoiding you when you were in that condition it wouldn’t necessarily mean they were vampires…

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