Aswang Mannanggal

This is one crazy vampire. This post is not for the weak of the heart or stomach. Are you still here? Remember I warned you.

All right let’s get into to this.

The Aswang Mannanggal is a vampire from the Philippines.

There seems to be two different creatures here. The Aswang, Mannanggal. The Aswang Mannanggal is a common variation of Mannanggal.

Aswang Mannaggal is a vampire witch (Love how most old myths involve witches turning into vampires. Both of my loves in one, or it may show how evil people think witches are. Either way I’m in heaven. :D)
So Aswang Mannaggal gets her name from the Tagalog word TANGGAL, meaning, “To separate” weird right. There’s a reason her name means “Separate”.

This vampire has a very different way of creation too. No, protecting yourself from her bite, or drinking her blood. No that’s not the way this vamp rolls. From what I can tell, men aren’t changed. Therefore, women pay attention. An Aswang Mannanggal will trick another woman into drinking cooked blood of another person. Never eat anything an Awang Mannangal gives you! Listen to me, never trust her, and remember she tricks you into eating.

All right, so someone didn’t listen to me right. She’s all like This vampire-phile doesn’t know what she is talking about. Free food, I love free food. I gotta bounce.” Aswang Mannanggal hears this and tricks her into eating. Now she’s transformed into a vampire too. Aswang Mannanggal’s are portrayed as a beautiful woman with long luscious hair. Cool right and they live like normal humans most of the time.

Remember that “Separate” part?


Here’s where it gets freaky! On the full moon, another transformation takes place and her true form it revealed. Large leather like wings with clawed hands erupts through the skin of her back. Her teeth get longer and sharper and her tongue grows longer and forked at the end. Now “Separate” she rips her upper torso from her lower body. She flies through the night with her guts dangling out of her torso in search of unborn children (her favorite delicacy) she’ll even tear them from the womb. If she can’t find a pregnant woman, she’ll feast on human entrails.

Aswang Mannaggal is vulnerable while separated from her body. The only way she can be killed is by finding her lower body and rubbing salt or garlic all over it. When she returns the top, half won’t be able to reattach to the lower half. When the sunrises she’ll return to her human form and die.

There are other vampires who can separate their bodies the Penangglan, the Asema, Asiman can remove the skin from their bodies.

When I came to the Aswang Mannanggl, I thought it would make a great post. As soon as I started researching, I found there are another six or so Aswang variations. I’ll run one or two each week until we cover them all.

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20 thoughts on “Aswang Mannanggal

  1. Hahaha wow, that’s a weird vampire myth. Tearing away half your body and flying around with guts hanging out of you … yuck. Just yuck. Cool post 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on deadlyeverafter and commented:
    Mari digs deep into vampire research and brings you this little ditty from the Philippines. A gruesome creepy legend. Read on.

  3. I really, I mean really, like this! Self-harming redefined! Most superstition has a logical base – Thor and thunder, for example; but its hard to see what motivated this delightful little bag of beans, aprt from a wish to inspire sheer terror!

  4. Ana Ela says:

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  5. riverpearl says:

    ewwww….haha 🙂

  6. This is one really interesting and really yucky post, and one I enjoyed in a weird way. You are a queen of vampire knowledge and lore. 🙂 Brightest Blessings

    • mari wells says:

      Thank you so much for the honor of being the vampire knowledge/lore queen. It’s about time my knowledge got put to use. 😀
      Thank you for coming by and leaving me such a beautiful compliment. 🙂

  7. rebecca2000 says:

    ewwwy gross and great post. My daughter would love to discuss this with you.

  8. Christopher Shawbell says:

    I’m on to you. Just letting you know. You can have your secret. I won’t tell anyone—save, my reflection whole I must tell everything—but just know … I’m on to you.
    Great post. Love it. That pic—whoa!—so creepy.


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