The Need To Write

Have you ever had a story floating around in your head? You hear voices talk to you, but no one else hears them. They become your friends. They tell you their stories and you happily listen. Maybe it drifts around in your mind begging you to share it with the world.

You tell these new voices in your head that you are not the one to write for them. You don’t have the time; or you don’t have the grammar and spelling skills needed to be a writer. You may not even want to write. However, the voices won’t listen to your excuses. There is no excuse that will be accepted. I say excuses because that is what they are. They convince you to try. You may start writing to make them shut up! If you’re like me…. The words begin to sting your mind and burn at your fingertips.

This is a dangerous time to be a new writer. The Inner Critic appears at this time. He/she knows your excuses well. She will feed them to you faster than an RSS Feed keeps you updated on the news. When you pick up your pen or sit down with your keyboard, she will rattle off your To-Do List, or remind you about that TV show or the book you started reading. She might call your attention to your grammar or spelling mistakes. She will mock you when you pick up your dictionary and search for spellings.

I had one of these stories. I came across one last year. I didn’t have the time to write it. I homeschool my four children, that is a job of its self. I make everything we eat from scratch (almost everything) because of the severe food allergies one of my little munchkins have. I really didn’t have the time to write. My Muse laughed softly. “I’ll find the time for you to write,” she whispered, “Will you try it?” Inner Critic laughed loudly.

My Muse glared at her. “I need you to do this.” I nodded timidly. My Muse left and allowed the Character (Emily) to take her place. I became friends with her. I listened to her stories and wrote as fast my fingers could move. At times, other characters would doubt my ability to write their story, but Emily and My Muse believed in me. We got that novel done and we’re currently working on revisions and a sequel.

Emily’s story may never be known by more than a select few. It might be published be important to others. I don’t know (I’m leaning towards the latter.) All I know is that my need to write, the story burning in my fingers resulted in a full novel. The need to write has given me loads of short stories, a couple of poems, and a few novels in progress.

If you feel anything similar to what I just shared…. follow it! Don’t let your inner critic take the experience away from you.

**My dear friend Kristen of The Undead Duo post a great post yesterday about writing. She mentioned that they don’t try to tell you how to write. I am in no way trying to tell you how to write or what to do. I’m allowing you into my mind. I’m telling you what works for me, and or how I do it. If I ever tell you “how” to write, tell me to shut up. Writing is very personal and no one can tell you how to do it.


14 thoughts on “The Need To Write

  1. I didn’t know I made a cameo appearance! 🙂
    I don’t think you’re telling anyone how to write here. To me this falls under your writing journey, if we were to break it down in Kristen and Julie speak.


  2. I love it when writers share their own writing process. For one thing, writing is such a solitary profession and it is great to be able to share with other writers. Plus, we are able to adopt useful practices from each other that make the writing experience easier. And, finally, we each approach the process so differently, that it is awesome to see just how eclectic we can be! Thank you =)

    • mari wells says:

      Thank you for your comment. I like to get a peak at how others write. I know too that a lot of people never take the risk. This post was a mix of the two. Telling those who feel like they want to write to try it and then letting other have a peak at my writing.

  3. dylanjmorgan says:

    Each and every time I sit down to write I’m racked with self doubt and a lack of confidence. I have no idea where the words will come from, or how I’ll even find the opening word to get started on that night’s work. It almost reaches the stage where I convince myself the project I’m writing is a bag of crap and should be abandoned.

    But the words always come, without fail, and sometimes they’re not too bad.

    • mari wells says:

      My Inner Critic has me thinking that way before I sit down. Luckily Emily, Haylee, and Miranda, and the others have stronger/ louder voices than Inner Critic.

      When the words are good you should tell Inner Critic to shove it. I have been telling her and now she thinks she has some say.

  4. What’s really awkward is that moment when you realize you’ve been staring at strangers to see if they bear any resemblance to your characters. So far, no one seems to have noticed me critically studying every angle of their face… 😉

    • mari wells says:

      I haven’t done that yet. I have had to pull out a pen and notepad from my purse and scribble notes of stuff I over hear or strange names. 😀 I’m taking on the mind of a gossip reporter. 🙂

  5. A lovely and intriguing post. Emily’s story sounds very interesting…Funnily enough some of what you have written about here could have come from my own experience of writing…sometimes characters can be very determined to see their stories written down somewhere 🙂 Brightest Blessings

  6. Good for you, Mari! I need to get going on my writing now. It’s about sitting down and doing it, isn’t it? Keep up the writing.

    • mari wells says:

      Now, that I have already started writing the hard part is actually sitting down and doing it. I’ve learned some tricks to make Inner Critic shut up. Sometimes she comes back and makes me doubt myself. Last night was one of those nights.

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