Vampire Questions Answered

I really enjoyed this. For those of you who don’t know what’s going on. “The Light-Bearer Series” post yesterday was postponed.
To make it up to my beloved readers, I asked for vampire questions.
I’ll answer them now.

The easiest first…(not in order asked)

Karen asked: Are there cross-breeds of any kind – or is it a simple ‘either – or’ situation?

Karen, There are some vampires at are much cooler or just downright weird compared to others. The Aswang she and other’s of this “Type” take off their skin or lower body, and fly around (just a head, arms, breasts and wings… but they have entrails hanging from them).
As to cross breeds, there are vampire-human hybrids. Throughout history, some male vampires can father children with human females.
I’ve never been able to find cross breeds between the vampires.

The Story Reading Ape asked: OK Mari, here’s one that has always puzzled me. Q. If, as legends have it, Vampires do not have reflections, how do they shave themselves? 🙂

Ape, your question made me smile. I think the best answer would be a few.
Some vampires don’t physically change after the “Turn” if you had to shave before, you’d have to afterwards. . . unless you were “Changed” right after shaving, then you’d never have to shave again. Other vampires continue to physically change, and they’d have to continue shaving.
Now for the reflection, Vampires have reflections. The no reflection came from the idea that a photo takes all or part of your soul. A dead or undead creature wouldn’t have a soul and as such shouldn’t have a reflection. Vampires just like a tree or a building are made of a solid mass and so they do have reflections.
Happy Shaving!

Karen Soutar asked: Not so much a factual question, more just me being nosey… What are your favourite vampire attributes? For example: do you like ‘em traditional, scared of crosses, no reflection, etc? What do you think of sexy, modern, (sparkly??) ones? 🙂

Karen S, Your question is the hardest.
The female in me loves the sexy modern vampires. 😀 No sparklies please. (Although that was a good idea to explain why they can’t go out in sunlight, but it twists my stomach because some can be in sunlight.)
The more I study vampires of the past, the surer I become of past vampires having OCD.
I can’t choose!
I love the traditional ones, who are afraid of crosses, (although they wouldn’t be anymore, the power behind the cross is the belief the person using it has in it. I personally don’t think there is that much faith anymore.)
I love the modern aristocrats: handsome, money, knows how to treat a woman. What’s not to love?
Oh, this is so hard. . . it’s like asking me to chose which of my children is my favorite.

As I said I really enjoyed this. I have a few ideas for continuing this Q & A in the future.

Extra huge Thanks and Hugs to Karen S, Karen, and The Ape for asking your questions.

Aswang Variations

Today is vampire Wednesday. We will look at the last of the Aswang Vampires; these are variations of the Aswang. I hope you enjoyed our last few weeks getting up close with the Aswangs.

A species of vampire that is said to be as old as the Philippines. The Danag co existed with humankind and was even accredited as the first cultivators of the TARO plant. One day a woman cut her finger and the Danag that was working by her side offered to clean the wound for her.  As it sucked on the wound, it realized it enjoyed the taste and couldn’t stop itself. The poor woman died. The Danag has practiced vampire blood drinking ever since.


A Mandragore takes the form of a very beautiful woman. She only appears at night and uses her beauty to seduce men into marrying her. With a husband, she has a live in blood source. She can fly and is susceptible to sword and knife attacks.


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Aswang Vampires

Yes, there are still more Aswang Vampires.

What? I didn’t hear you? Are you begging me to what…
“Please just make it stop! These vampires are just scary.”

Yes, my dear beloved reader these vampires are scary. But alas, I’m still not done teaching you about them.
Are you ready?

Aswang Festival
Yes a festival with seafood, parades, dances, and dress up balls.
Why?” You might be asking. “Why a festival for a vampire?
The myth says Roxas City in Capiz province was full of Aswangs and witches both male and female. In an attempt to prove this myth as just that they have a two-day long party right before Halloween. The local Catholic churches aren’t happy with this festival.

Aswang Mandurugo
This demonic vampire lives in the province of Capiz in the Philippines. Witches also hide in this area.  By day, she is a beautiful woman, by night her true form is revealed that of a winged monster. Okay, what’s scary about this is she’ll get married. YES Married! So, she has a live in supply of blood.  She “kisses” the blood from of her husband prey.
What? How?” You ask.
Oh, I really don’t want to tell you but I must, I must.
Under the pretext of “Kisses”, she pushes her barbed tongue into his mouth and drains the blood from him.  So gradually husband starts losing weight, it’s not that noticeable. Men, unfortunately there isn’t a test to check if your beautiful bride to be is a Mandurugo, but you can place a knife under your pillow. If you’re quick enough you can kill her before she attacks.

Aswang Tik-Tik


This Aswang gets its name from the small owl that follows it. The owl seems to protect her prey, making a “Tik Tik” sounding cry in hopes of waking the sleeping victim. This shape-shifting vampire only hunts at night.
Yeah, she changes into a bird to hunt.  This one rivals in freakiness with the other Aswangs. She perches on the roof of the victim’s house. Above her sleeping victim (usually a child), her long tube like tongue reaches to where her prey lays. Her barbed tongue pricks the flesh and she sips her meal.  After she’s fed she flies home where she breastfeeds her children.

In other myths: the Aswang Tik-Tik remains in human form while hunting and feeding. She looks like a pregnant woman instead of a large bird with engorged breasts.
Here is a scary tip, if she happens to lick your shadow…sorry but you’re going to die.

Aswang Tiyanak


This demonic vampire is the offspring of a demon father and a human mother, or a baby who dies before being baptized. It has red skin, no hair, glowing red eyes. This shape-shifting vampire changes it form into an abandoned adorable little baby, hoping a woman will rescue it. When she takes it home it waits until the night hours and attacks the sleeping woman.
A newer myth believes that aborted fetuses can become this type of vampire; in this case, the aborted fetus will come into existence and torment the woman who would have been its mother.

Aswang Witch
This vampire is a human female who has been born a witch, or has learned the craft. She learns to make a magical ointment to prevent the signs of age, when she applies it, she looks young and beautiful.
(She should sell the ointment! Can we say Ka-Ching!)

When she looks beautiful, she’ll seduce her prey and lead him to a secluded place where she rips him apart. She drinks his blood and eats his heart and liver.
(It’s probably a good thing this one doesn’t get married, can you imagine her husband after a fight!)
Her ability to seduce works well for her but given the choice, she’d much rather take her meal in the form of a child than a man.

There is a tip I can give you regarding the Aswang Witch because she was born a mortal, she can be killed as such.

I love this photo, I had to get it in here somewhere.

Okay, this is the last of vampires with Aswang in their name. Next week, we’ll look at vampires that are variations of these Aswangs.

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Aswang Shape-Shifter Vampire

Its Vampire Wednesday, Baby!

Okay so last week we looked at Aswang Mannananggal, this week we’ll look at some other “Aswang” vampires.

If you remember from last week, the Aswang Mannananggal comes from the Philippines. She’s some freaky vampire because she rips herself in half to hunt. Her guts trail out of her torso as she hunts. Do you also remember I said there were quite a few Aswang vampires. Today will learn about the Shape-shifter Aswang

Aswang Shape-shifter

This vampire can be either male or female, but it prefers the shape of an old woman with bloodshot eyes. She has long black hair and a tongue to match. A sorcerer can become this kind of vampire by performing a special ceremony, but if he/she wants to change someone else, all she has to do is blow on his or her neck.

There are healers (mananamble) who can make a special potion that will have to be poured down your throat (because come on even vampires have survival instincts) and you convert. The Aswang will vomit; weird things like eggs or live birds. When the Aswang’s vomiting stops, it’s cured, but the willing sorcerer isn’t she’ll die.


“So, what does this weird vampire eat, how does it hunt?”

I’m so glad you asked. Aswang Shape-shifter hunts women, children, the sick, and the old. They prefer to attack while the prey sleeps. If the prey wakes up, Aswang Shape-shifter will emit a strong smell that paralyzes the victim. If her intended prey is awake when she attacks, she’ll overpower them.

Once she has taken what she wants, she makes a replica out of banana leaves, grass, and sticks. She then uses her magic (remember she was a witch/sorcerer to begin with) to animate the replica. Over the next few days, the replica will get sick and die. You must look into the person’s eyes to find out if it’s the true person or the replica.

“How do I know by looking in its eyes?” You ask.  If it’s a true person, you will see your reflection, if it’s a replica your reflection will be upside down.

While you’re looking into sick replica eyes, the Aswang has carried her prey off to her lair where she tortures it and slowly eats it. The liver is the favorite part.

You’re sitting there thinking, “This just might be as strange as last week’s vampire but I have one question for you Mari. Why shape shifter….”
Oh, you brave of heart who still reads here. You who continue to come back week after week to get your vampire fix…

The Aswang shape-shifter is called a shape-shifter for no other reason than her amazing shape-shifting abilities. She can change into any animal and/or person, but also (here is the amazing part…) inanimate objects! Are you freaked out yet? You should be this vampire can even fly, not while in bird form. She can fly! An oily substance secreted through her armpits lets her FLY! Your desk or couch just might be an Aswang Shape-shifter.

So are we doomed to be prey to Aswang shape-shifter?
There is a way to know if she’s nearby… On Good Friday, complex oil can be made. (No word on how to make it) After it’s made, it will boil anytime she’s near.

Sorry folks that’s all I know, I can’t tell you how to protect yourself. I don’t know what kills her. I’m thinking keep the tried and true close by.

Next week another “Aswang” vampire..there’s still a few left.

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Aswang Mannanggal

This is one crazy vampire. This post is not for the weak of the heart or stomach. Are you still here? Remember I warned you.

All right let’s get into to this.

The Aswang Mannanggal is a vampire from the Philippines.

There seems to be two different creatures here. The Aswang, Mannanggal. The Aswang Mannanggal is a common variation of Mannanggal.

Aswang Mannaggal is a vampire witch (Love how most old myths involve witches turning into vampires. Both of my loves in one, or it may show how evil people think witches are. Either way I’m in heaven. :D)
So Aswang Mannaggal gets her name from the Tagalog word TANGGAL, meaning, “To separate” weird right. There’s a reason her name means “Separate”.

This vampire has a very different way of creation too. No, protecting yourself from her bite, or drinking her blood. No that’s not the way this vamp rolls. From what I can tell, men aren’t changed. Therefore, women pay attention. An Aswang Mannanggal will trick another woman into drinking cooked blood of another person. Never eat anything an Awang Mannangal gives you! Listen to me, never trust her, and remember she tricks you into eating.

All right, so someone didn’t listen to me right. She’s all like This vampire-phile doesn’t know what she is talking about. Free food, I love free food. I gotta bounce.” Aswang Mannanggal hears this and tricks her into eating. Now she’s transformed into a vampire too. Aswang Mannanggal’s are portrayed as a beautiful woman with long luscious hair. Cool right and they live like normal humans most of the time.

Remember that “Separate” part?


Here’s where it gets freaky! On the full moon, another transformation takes place and her true form it revealed. Large leather like wings with clawed hands erupts through the skin of her back. Her teeth get longer and sharper and her tongue grows longer and forked at the end. Now “Separate” she rips her upper torso from her lower body. She flies through the night with her guts dangling out of her torso in search of unborn children (her favorite delicacy) she’ll even tear them from the womb. If she can’t find a pregnant woman, she’ll feast on human entrails.

Aswang Mannaggal is vulnerable while separated from her body. The only way she can be killed is by finding her lower body and rubbing salt or garlic all over it. When she returns the top, half won’t be able to reattach to the lower half. When the sunrises she’ll return to her human form and die.

There are other vampires who can separate their bodies the Penangglan, the Asema, Asiman can remove the skin from their bodies.

When I came to the Aswang Mannanggl, I thought it would make a great post. As soon as I started researching, I found there are another six or so Aswang variations. I’ll run one or two each week until we cover them all.

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