The invisible tutelary spirit -a guardian spirit that protects an area, or a person. Sometimes these spirits will protect a full lineage of people or culture- of Norway.

The Flygia only appear in people dreams. If someone sees the Flygia during waking hours its regarded as a death omen.

There are some stories of Flygia and the Dopplesauger being connected.

The idea of a spirit being and a person being connected for the person’s entire life isn’t uncommon. Its very common at the moment to believe in a Guardian Angel.
In Roman times the idea of a guardian spirit was very common it was called a Daimonion in Latin.

2 thoughts on “Flygia

  1. That’s pretty cool, and I like the image you posted too. I never considered place spirits before, but they’ve been around a long time. The Lady of the Lake comes to mind.

    • mari wells says:

      They’re very important to those that believe in them. I know there’s a story in there somewhere I just haven’t found it.
      Glad you liked it Craig.

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