Ankou are the king of the dead is the last person to die in a parish during the year. All of the next year the Ankou calls the dead. Each parish has their own.
This powerful figure dominates in Britain lore. Celtic Brittney’s folklore tells of a collector of souls.

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Ankou is a tall haggard with long white hair, or skeleton with a revolving head that can see everything everywhere. Ankou drives a spectral cart and has two ghost assistants to walk beside the cart. They stop at a house and one of two things happens, either Ankou knocks on the door -sometimes the living can hear the knock too- or wails like a banshee.
Occasionally it’s seen as an apparition going into the house and carrying the dead soul out. Its assists place the soul in the cart and off they go.

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The invisible tutelary spirit -a guardian spirit that protects an area, or a person. Sometimes these spirits will protect a full lineage of people or culture- of Norway.

The Flygia only appear in people dreams. If someone sees the Flygia during waking hours its regarded as a death omen.

There are some stories of Flygia and the Dopplesauger being connected.

The idea of a spirit being and a person being connected for the person’s entire life isn’t uncommon. Its very common at the moment to believe in a Guardian Angel.
In Roman times the idea of a guardian spirit was very common it was called a Daimonion in Latin.

Deathwatch Beetle

This tiny insect makes a tapping noise when boring into wood.


There are records from the 17th century England telling of the fear people felt for the beetle. In folklore from Britain, Europe, and the United States the sound of the death beetle tapping was a death omen. There are various beliefs depending on the region too some areas believe only three taps counted as a death omen.

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I think this vampire is one of the saddest situations I’ve ever come across.

A church in the sixteen hundreds declared that all Albanians of Turkish decent would automatically become a vampire after death. It didn’t matter how good or spiritual they were in live.

In 1854 the Liogat a revenant was officially described as meaning “Dead Turks in winding sheets” because the vampires was described as rising from the grave with it’s burial shroud wrapped around it’s body and wearing high heeled shoes.


The Liogat was also thought of as a death omen, because it spread disease wherever it went.

Wolves hate this vampire. A Liogat who survives a wolf attack will retreat to his grave and never rise again. If you don’t have a wolf, look for a corpse candle and follow it. It will go to the grave the vampire sleeps in by day. Drive a wooden stake through it’s heart to pin it to the ground. It won’t destroy it but will make it unable to do more harm.