As there are many different dominations of Christianity. There’s also a large number of traditions of Wicca. The oldest is Gardnerian founded by Gerald Gardner. Alexandrian was founded in the 1960s by Alex Sanders. Raymond Buckland founded Saxon witchcraft or Seax-Witchcraft in 1973.

There are a large amount of covens that claim roots in Italian, Celtic, Druidic, Welsh, Irish, Dianic, or Scottish. More still classify themselves as eclectic.

All follow the basic witchcraft beliefs and celebrate the Sabbats at the same time of the year.

2 thoughts on “Traditions

  1. Hello, Mari. We are Inion N. Mathair, a mother/daughter writing duo. We found your blog via our good friend, Karen Soutar, and absolutely love it! We’re currently editing our third novel, which is the first in a series about Celtic witches with a Wiccan flair and found your blog to be very informative. Hope you don’t mind us nosing around to pick up bits of info and most of all share our love of witches with you.

    • mari wells says:

      Hi Ladies, Please browse all you like. I have some really cool stuff. Karen has a series of posts in November here about Scottish Witches. I’m so glad to meet you and thank you so much for such kind comments.

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