Ankou are the king of the dead is the last person to die in a parish during the year. All of the next year the Ankou calls the dead. Each parish has their own.
This powerful figure dominates in Britain lore. Celtic Brittney’s folklore tells of a collector of souls.

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Ankou is a tall haggard with long white hair, or skeleton with a revolving head that can see everything everywhere. Ankou drives a spectral cart and has two ghost assistants to walk beside the cart. They stop at a house and one of two things happens, either Ankou knocks on the door -sometimes the living can hear the knock too- or wails like a banshee.
Occasionally it’s seen as an apparition going into the house and carrying the dead soul out. Its assists place the soul in the cart and off they go.

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As there are many different dominations of Christianity. There’s also a large number of traditions of Wicca. The oldest is Gardnerian founded by Gerald Gardner. Alexandrian was founded in the 1960s by Alex Sanders. Raymond Buckland founded Saxon witchcraft or Seax-Witchcraft in 1973.

There are a large amount of covens that claim roots in Italian, Celtic, Druidic, Welsh, Irish, Dianic, or Scottish. More still classify themselves as eclectic.

All follow the basic witchcraft beliefs and celebrate the Sabbats at the same time of the year.