Boxen Wolf

In the Schaumburg region of Germany werewolves are called Boxen wolves.

It’s believed they’ve made a pack with Satan that allows then to transform. They do this by buckling a strap around their waists. Satan gave them this strap.

Boxen wolves are known to be cunning and taking great delight in tormenting people.

If you suspect someone of being a Boxen wolf. You can tell for sure by holding a piece of steel over them. His or her true identity will be revealed by doing so.


**This Full Moon is called Frost Moon.**


Have you ever gone berserk? Has anyone ever told you you’re going berserk?

This phrase comes from old European tribes of warriors called Berserks or in the Old Norse Berserkir.


These warriors would allow their emotions usually rage, or joy of a savage battle to take them over. They’d toss their armor and go into battle wearing only bearskin shirts.

German tribes wore bearskins to honor the goddess Ursel – The She Bear. They believed the bear was skilled in martial arts. The most formidable challenge a warrior could face was a She-Bear protecting her cubs.

Viking Berserkirs dressed in wolf skins. They’d rush into battle howling like wolves. This was in hopes of “warning” the enemy that they were a cross of man and animal and they’d soon be more vicious as they became more animal. The Berserkirs totem animal was a wolf.

** This month’s Full Moon is Called Hunter’s Moon. **


The Ancient Greeks and Romans believed in a Wolf Enchanter of Wolf Charmer.

They called him Lupicinus.

Lupicinus may have in prehistoric times been an individual tribes men who had a skill for communicating with wolves. As wandering pre historic man began to settle into villages the need of a person skilled at singing with wolves (wolf charmer) was still necessary.

He would convince the wolves to stay away from the domesticated animals. Lupicinus could howl with the wolves and lead the away from the livestock pens. Because he wore a wolf’s pelt belt it was thought that the Lupicinus was able to transform himself into a wolf whenever he desired. A werewolf.

** This month’s Full Moon is called Harvest Moon. **


Since this month is dedicated to Werewolves. All of my columns will be about Werewolves. If you’ve been reading my blog for some time now, you’ve already seen that vampires and werewolves have more in common that just a hatred for each other (usually portrayed in movies and fiction). I really need to work on an article about that….

So here are a few vampire-werewolves, or Werewolf-vampires…


Romanian lore has a man, usually a shepherd that is a type of vampire werewolf called “Priccolitsh” (pray-co-litch). He shape-shifts into a wolf. The blood thirsty creature then attacks his own flock.

Pricolic Wolf

This Romanian creature is born through an incestuous relationship. Its born with a tail. The Pricolic wolf’s ability to shape-shift into a dog has been questioned.

It’s unknown whether it’s a natural talented or a gift from the devil.

In dog form The Pricolic mingles with other wolves.

Soon the human from realizes that it’s spending large amounts of time in the company of wolves. Until it shape-shifts one final time and joins the pack.

Leaving food offering will keep the pricolic from attacking family and livestock.

Animal Ancestors

Can you hear them? They’re singing their song to the Full Moon. Yes, it’s time for another Wolf’s Moon.

The Wolf's Moon
A common Native American myth states that in the beginning humans were like animals and animals were like humans.

South American mythologies state in the beginning people were animals but also human. Meaning the spiritual side of humans found their first homes within animal forms.

There are numerous stories from Native American tribes across North America telling of were-men, bear-men, and cougar-men and all sorts of were-creatures.

There are also stories of women giving birth to man-beasts and tribesmen taking animals as wives.

Ancient cultures throughout the world form totem clans and claimed an animal ancestor as the progenitor of their clan. Many tribes in Europe and the Americas believe their ancestors were wolves.
Recent research shows our association with wolves began over 140,000 years ago.


As time passed clans began to form beliefs that other animals were their ancestors. These other animals were respected and chosen for natural abilities. The strength of a bear, ape, the grace of a deer, swan.

**Strangely enough this month’s Full Moon is called Wolf’s Moon.**