Hante Pore

A vampire spirit in Indian lore can attack people from a safety of its own home.

By entering the astral plane. After wandering the astral plane looking for its victims it will exit the plane in the victim’s home. Its been described as looking like a three foot long leech.

It attaches to an open wound and drain its prey of their blood.

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Duppy originated in Jamaican lore. A vampiric spirit or benevolent spirit created by the shadow of the dead person. They’re feared because their breath can cause illness and if you’re touched, “Duppy boxing” can cause seizures.

In Caribbean lore, Duppies are called Jumbies.
You can conjure a Duppy by throwing Rum coins into a grave. They attack the living and cause poltergeist activities once raised.


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Australia’s Aboriginal people have a vampire creature in their lore. This vampire spirit is called a Mrart. It believed the mrart is a restless spirit of a community member.


Their powers are strongest at night. It goes to campfires and pulls its victim from the light of the campfire.

Aborigines believe the mrart and other spirits can pocesses a body, even while the body’s original spirit still resides within. To make sure the body of a deceased person never rises again, Aborigines tie rocks to the corpse when placed in the grave. Sometimes the limbs are broken.

The deceased’s belongings are destroyed and their personal campsite is never used again.


German Vampire lore has an evil vampire spirit, The Unholde, which translates to mean “the one that is not good or beautiful.”

The Unholde acts out against mankind, especially Christians.

It abducts its victims, cuts out their hearts, then cooks and eats it. A new heart is made of wood, and its placed inside the corpse.

A magical ceremony is preformed to reanimate the corpse. The Unholde was traditionally considered to be a magical practioner- or hexe. The word hexe come to mean a human magical practioner in the late 17th century, by the early 18thcentury it was used to mean witch.

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In Bulgaria and Macedonia there’s a vampire spirit called Vompir or in the case of a female Vompiras.

The Vompir is created when a person isn’t buried or mourned properly, if one dies in disgrace or in an unnatural way: childbirth or suicide.

The Vompir can enter a body of a corpse and possesses it, at night. Once the Vompir has control of the corpse, it animates and seeks out a sleeping person.

The reanimated corpse then suffocates and drains its prey of blood. If you find yourself under a Vompir’s attack you must pray to the god of darkness and night, Troyan, or the goddess of beauty and love, Lada, for deliverance.

The Vompir can cause nightmares and create droughts and divert rivers. To destroy a vompir, it has to be in a corpse, capture, and decapitate it. Its feet and hands must be chopped off.
The body needs to be tied up tightly, then stabbed through the heart with an Aspen Wood stake. A Raven’s claw can be driven into the skull from behind the night ear. The body must be buried under a large millstone.

Oh. What a vampire. Bella Lugosi

Oh. What a vampire. Bella Lugosi

Romania and some of it’s Vampires Part 2


Moloi are Romanian vampire spirits. These vampires can only life if it eats human hearts. It’s created when one of its parents kills an illegitimate child. A girl is called Moloica.


The Necurat or Orgoi means “accursed or “dishonest” in Romania. Romanians call all of their vampire creatures this. It’s believed using this name instead of a specific name will keep from calling the vampire to them.

Another name for Vampires in Romania is Baboana for females and Babon for males.

Baba Coajo

A vampire forest spirit in Romania is a bloodthirsty monster.
She’s described as half bear and half woman. Baba Coajo pronounced Baba Co-ya means the Old Woman of the Tree Bark. She’s also called “Queen of the Forest” and has total control over the evil within the woods.

She is very dangerous evil entity. She catches children who wander into the forest alone, or those who’ve wandered away from their parent. She will consume their bodies and lock their souls in Elderberry trees where they rot away.

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Romania and some of it’s vampires

I think we’ll look at some of Romania’s vampires today.

Baba Coaja pronounced Baba CO-ya.

A vampire forest spirit in Romania is a bloodthirsty monster. She’s described as a half bear and a half woman. She’s called “Queen of the Forest” and has total control of everything within her wood.
She’s a very evil entity. She catches children who wander into the forest alone or those who’ve wandered away from theirs parents.she consumes their bodies and locks their souls in Elderberry trees where they rot.

This vampire called Sburator meaning flying man is a Romanian vampire. He’s a form of a Incubus and custom made for the victim.

He’s described as extremely handsome, and everything his victim needs including being the perfect lover.

Once every seven years he sneaks into his lady’s window. During his attack he kisses her gently sometimes so softly she doesn’t even wake up when she awakes she feels drained her body throbs with pain and she’s easily agitated, signs of an energy attack. After her first attack she’s no longer interested in other men.

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The Obour starts its vampire life as a vampire spirit before it becomes a revenant. The Bulgarian Obour is created when a person is murdered. His spirit leaves the body immediately but then it tries to get back, but the body is already dead. The spirit leaves the grave 9 days after its burial looking like a corpse candle. At this point, it has telekinetic powers. It roams the community causing trouble.


During the next 40 days, it bothers anyone it can: It’ll bite cow udders to drink its milk and blood. He makes shadows moving in raunchy ways. He defaces religious artifacts with feces or other act of vandalism. He’s also capable of making loud noises. I hope he doesn’t make noise while making the shadows move….

If he gets too bothersome, the townsfolk can hire a Djadadjii to bottle the Obour and destroy him. After 40 days have passed if a Djadadjii hast been called. The Obour’s body rises from its grave. He still looks the same as before death, but. . .
Now he only has one nostril!!

Usually the Obour will leave his community, go to another where he’s not known, and start a new life.

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