One Lovely Blog Award

I am so so happy, Sammiwitch over at The Life An Time Of A Forever Witch nominated me for One Lovely Blog Award.

I am awed, I can’t believe someone else would think my blog Lovely. Thank you so much Sammi. Thank you over and over again.

She has some kick buns info over on her blog go and check it out.


The Rules
These are the rules, should you choose to accept them:

Thank the person who nominated you (manners, people! manners!)
Add the “One Lovely Blog Award” image to your post.
Share 7 things about you.
Pass the award on to seven nominees
Include this set of rules (important, otherwise confusion and mass hysteria ensues
Inform your nominees by posting a comment on their blogs.

7 Things about me..
1. This is really hard for me because I’m a really private person, but once you have been accepted into my circle. Watch out because, I don’t shut up.
2. I’m short. Real short, 2 of my 4 kids are already taller than me. I’m only 5’2″
3. My tastes in music are vast and wide. I like Classical, Jazz, Blues, Alt. Rock and Pop.
4. My favorite color is Blue.
5. I grew up reading mythologies. I enjoy learning about ancient believes.
6. I can do sets of bicep curls with 45 pound dumbbells.
7. My workout routine consists of Weight training, and core work. Before I messed up my wrist I could do 200 full squats while holding two 45# dumbbells. Now I do 300 with a 20# backpack.

Now the nominees


Honorable mention to Julie and Kristen at You guys don’t have to do anything!