Wolf Stone

In the Fichtel Mountains in Germany.

The “wolf stone” is a large stone cross, used to mark the spot local residents believed a werewolf was buried.

According to the old stories following a 4 day span tells of a shepherd’s flock was attacked constantly. The shepherd tried to stop the attacks. One day he saw a large wolf creep out of the forest and snatched a lamb. Even with the lamb, the wolf was able to out run the shepherd.

The shepherd asked the most skilled huntsman to stand watch with him. The next day the wolf snatched another lamb. The huntsmen (known to be an excellent shot) shot at the wolf repeatedly, but to no avail. The following morning the shepherd went to town, where he noticed an elderly woman limping.

This woman was suspected of practicing black magic (or evil sorcery.) He asked her about her injury, she became angry and told him to mind his own business. The shepherd reported her, after suspecting she was shape-shifting into a wolf. The old woman was interrogated, flogged, and securely chained in a cell. But when the jailers went to check on her they found she’d disappeared.

A few days later the shepherd spotted the wolf again but this time it wasn’t after the flock. It attacked the shepherd. The huntsman happened upon the shepherd fighting the furious wolf. He tried shooting the wolf, but it didn’t shop the deadly battle.

The huntsman took two silver blades to the wolf. As blood seeped from the wolf the form of the old woman took shape before dying. The men administer a few death blows to be sure it died, before dragging it to a hole 20 ft deep.

The “wolfcross” marks where the locals believe that the were-woman’s grave is. Strange happenings continued to manifest there.

**The Full Moon today is called Bright Moon.**


Since this month is dedicated to Werewolves. All of my columns will be about Werewolves. If you’ve been reading my blog for some time now, you’ve already seen that vampires and werewolves have more in common that just a hatred for each other (usually portrayed in movies and fiction). I really need to work on an article about that….

So here are a few vampire-werewolves, or Werewolf-vampires…


Romanian lore has a man, usually a shepherd that is a type of vampire werewolf called “Priccolitsh” (pray-co-litch). He shape-shifts into a wolf. The blood thirsty creature then attacks his own flock.

Pricolic Wolf

This Romanian creature is born through an incestuous relationship. Its born with a tail. The Pricolic wolf’s ability to shape-shift into a dog has been questioned.

It’s unknown whether it’s a natural talented or a gift from the devil.

In dog form The Pricolic mingles with other wolves.

Soon the human from realizes that it’s spending large amounts of time in the company of wolves. Until it shape-shifts one final time and joins the pack.

Leaving food offering will keep the pricolic from attacking family and livestock.