The Adze is the vampire spirit of the Ewe people of Southeastern Ghana and Southern Togo of Africa.
It looks like a corpse candle a constant light of a firefly or shining betel when it’s not possessing the tribe’s sorcerer.


Adze means ax like tool is attracted to hunts. It drinks for the blood of the village’s prettiest kids. If you offer it enough coconut milk or palm oil, you can keep it from drinking blood.

How to kill this strange vampire. When you catch it, even if it’s in the corpse candle form it shape shifts to its human form. Killing it in its human for is easy anything that kills a regular human would kill it.

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Corpse Candle

There’s this thing called a Corpse Candle.
Yeah, Corpse Candle…

It’s a spectral light (vampiric light) that’s origins are probably German.

It appears to those who travel at night and lures them into danger. Vampires often take the form of a ball of light while flying.


There are many sources that say a Corpse Candle is created when a child dies un-baptized and acts as a death omen. Some say Corpse Candles guard a treasure.

Many types of vampires who can shape-shift into a corpse Candle. We’ll look into some of them in the following weeks.

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