French lore believes in the Louleerou.
A man usually bastard -no I mean fatherless- transforms into into the beast every full moon.

As lore has it the transformation always takes place at midnight. The lycanthropy throws himself out the window and plunges into a well. He comes out with a goat skin given to him by the devil.

by Cristiane Vleugels

by Cristiane Vleugels

He runs around on all fours and attacking and eating any dog he finds. When he returns to human form by taking off his goatskin at dawn he returns home.

He often gets sick and vomits undigested paws and other parts of the dogs. If shot or killed while in louleerou state he instantly returns to his human form. Being a louleerou brings shame to the family.

**My source is dated 1863 -being a bastard in that time was also shameful.

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