In Argentina and parts of Brazil Paraguay and Uruguay the lore of a werewolf or weredog that walks on it’s hind legs is prominent. The Lobizon is described as being short in stature like an enormous monkey. Has sharp claws long hanging ears small childlike legs and a tail covered in long dark hair. It has an evil chilling stare.


The Lobizon attacks dogs and bothers humans it breaks into houses. A report from Argentina states that Lobizon entered a house where it was beaten by the residence until it appeared to be dead. When they dragged it outside it jumped up injured and ran away.

It’s believed the seventh son is destined to be an Lobizon and shape-shift at midnight on a full moon especially if it’s a Friday. He transforms to human again at Don. Argentina’s ex-president Juan Domingo Peron decided all seventh sons must be baptized in order to stop Lobizons from being created.

Image from Google search