It’s My Turn!

It’s My Turn! !!!!!

!!!!! It’s my turn, my turn!!! Yeah, :happy dance: :jumping: !!!

Okay, I’ve calmed down enough to tell you all why I’m so excited and why it’s my turn.

As you all know DEADLY EVER AFTER is running a short story series called Nightmare Before Christmas Horror Stories.

I have been included in it.

My story “Thief” “Thief” is up and running today.

I am so honored to be included in this, because I don’t write horror. It scares me. My family calls me “The Chicken” Also the stories that have gone before me are really good! I’m not worthy to be in their ranks.

Those of you who don’t like horror stories, mine isn’t gory, or even that scary (remember I’m the chicken) I would classify it as similar to a ghost story. So don’t be worried if you happen to be get scared easily. I’m the biggest scaredy cat ever, and I wrote it so it shouldn’t be that bad.

Leave me a comment here or there. Let me know what you thought about it.

Hello PCL Readers

Those of you who have been here with me day in and day out, know I queried a magazine in the beginning of October. The publisher accepted my short story. It will be published in the January issue. She also has a little “teaser” this month letting her readers get to know me.

I am so honored to have my first published piece be “Pinal County Lifestyles” I’ve been reading the magazine for a long time. I really enjoyed writing this short story, and the story I’ll be submitting for Febuary’s issue. As PCL has themes each month, I’ve also been learning and pushing my writing abilities to new levels. I’m very grateful to Pinal County Lifestyles for believing my writing was worthy to be in their pages. Thank you!

I hope you enjoy “All Natural Cook” in January.