Carrickaphouka Castle

Carrickaphouka Castle (Carric-Poo-ka) it means “The rock of the pooka”. McCarthy Castle is the variation of Carrickaphouka name.

This one is going to be so cool. Are you ready? Remember, stick with me no matter what goes through your mind, I promise there is vampirism in here.

Today Carrickaphouka Castle in Ireland stands in ruins, rumors say it’s haunted too!

In 1601 a type of fairy creature the Pooka lived in a large boulder that was on the land. This boulder was used to build McCarthy Castle. The Pooka like many other fairies could shape-shift. Pooka can shape-shift, his favorite forms were that of an eagle, a large horse, and a wild goat.

I hear you. “Fairies, shape-shifting, castles, but where are the vampires?” I ask you to just go along with me.

Cormac Mór MacDermot Tadhg McCarthy, Lord of Muskerry (that is a mouthful!) was made High Sheriff of Cork County after the Battle of Kinsale in 1601. The new English rulers couldn’t control the Irish lords, and High Sheriff was given the duty of rounding those that opposed up.

James Fitzgerald a very popular man was one of these “rebel lords” he had a huge following most being displaced nobility themselves. The High Sheriff invited Fitzgerald to McCarthy Castle. The meal was served to Fitzgerald, but it was poisoned.

Fitzgerald’s death wasn’t enough for the High Sheriff. He wanted to impress the English. He had the body drained of blood and cooked. To the horror of his English masters, he then set about the act of eating the flesh and drinking the blood in front of them.

The drinking of blood, even if it’s been drained from the body, it still counts as vampirism.

All of Ireland was shocked and outraged. The High Sheriff’s clansmen tried to say that he had been possessed by the Pooka. The High Sheriff fled to France shortly after.

After his death, his spirit returned to McCarthy Castle. At night, sounds of painful wails and screams of terror are heard coming from the ruins. Anyone who walks by them at night; will be viciously attacked by unseen, spectral claws that will cut deep enough to draw blood, that’s lapped up. Often fresh blood is seen on the remnants of the castle gate.