Today will talk about unibrows.
No, I’m not giving a beauty class.

Many cultures believe the person with the eyebrows that met in the middle were associated with deceit, bad-tempers, witchcraft, vampires.
Wow that’s a list!

The Greeks believed people with unibrows were vampires. Those in Germany, Iceland, and Denmark believed they were werewolves. A general consensus is unibrows brought bad luck, immortality, premature death, and violent tempers to those who have them.

Cai Cai Filu

Cai Cai Filu aka Cai Cai Vilu

Ancient folklore from Chile’s Mapuche people has a vampiric leviathan called Cai Cai Filu.
This vampire lives at the bottom of the ocean, while in his natural form he’s a tsunami or a tidal wave. He can shape-shift into an ox or horse. (I’ve only been able to find him represented as a snake-like god. Many ancient cultures of Pre-Columbian America had snake-like gods.)

Regular sacrifices are given to this constantly hungry Godlike vampire, to keep him from attacking the village in the form of a tidal wave.
When the Mapuche melted their traditional religion with the Christianity that was brought by missionaries, they reduced Cai Cai Filu from God status to demon. He’s now a consumer of sinners.

Cai Cai Filu’s myth goes deeper than the vampire aspect.(Some don’t speak of the vampire aspect) Cai Cai wanted all earth under his control and so he would cause the water levels to rise. Tren Tren Vilu (or Tren Tren Filu) was a good serpent, who would fight Cai Cai. Tren Tren would raise sea levels until he defeated Cai Cai and the earth was safe.

The Belated Witching Hour.

So it’s been called to my attention there wasn’t a Witching Hour post this month.

I’m so sorry for the ooops. I’ll make it up…

Here is an interesting witch myth I just heard for you today…

The Black Walnut Tree

If you suspect a witch is hexing you. You must find a black walnut tree. Draw her picture on it.

images (3)

Mark her heart with an X. Hammer a nail into the X, just a little every day.

The witch or someone she sends in her place will try to borrow something from you.
Don’t lend it!
Continue to hammer the nail farther into the tree something will happen either the witch will stop hexing you; or she will try to borrow something from you.

images (2)

You must not lend her anything, the protection will stop if you do or she will die.

All right, now my questions. What if you can’t draw worth squat? Does it work as long as you know who it is? I hope so. What if you can’t find a black walnut tree? Could any tree do or would any nut tree do?

What do you think about this myth? I’m starting to believe that what we’re told in myths to protect ourselves are just silly stories to make us feel safe.