Tools Of A Witch Part 3

The second part of this series can be found Part 2

There are still more tools that witches can use.

In Wicca the boleen is a small knife with a curved blade. Its sole purpose is to cut herbs.

Book Of Shadows
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Book to keep all witch info in also called a Grimoire. Although there are some differences in the two books. Some use a Book of Shadows as a spell book other as a journal of their magic. A Grimiore is also a spellbook, sometimes refered to as a cookbook as it usually only holds spells and their recipes.

A sharp tool used to carve symbols into other tools.

Candles are used to represent light, the God and Goddess. They are the number one tool for candle magic.

Used in knot magic. Can be used to measure the “circle.” There are Usually 3 cords used in most traditions.

Is the sacred cup used by witches in rituals. It holds consecrated wine.

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Used for incense, medicinal syrups, teas, salves, ointments and poultices.

Perfumed fumigation used in witchcraft and religious rituals. Burning herbs, flowers, barks, roots, dried seeds, gums, and resins. Incenses have been used for thousands of years.

Used to anoint.

Used often in Black Magic- often with candles and poppet also used for sewing charm bags. For white purposes in healing.

Doll made of wax or cloth sometimes of straw. Thought of most often in Voodoo Dolls. Used in White magic. Image Magic to heal.

Witches and Herbs

Here ye! Here ye! Let it be known the witching hour is about to commense.

Today we’ll look at herbs.
Some witches use herbs and plants in their magic. Much, like naturalists do. Their knowledge of plants would impress anyone. They’re walking encyclopedias. Their medicinal gardens can rival any modern pharmacy.
Their spells usually involve plant life. Some plants are believed to have the power to increase or diminish emotions.

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These witches go by many names: Hedge Witch, Green Witch, Kitchen Witch, and Cottage Witch.
They usually have a large gardens or pot gardens, if you’re allowed in their homes; you will find herbs and plants being dried for later use.

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There were some wise enough or lucky enough to learn the ways of these Wise Ones. Some of the knowledge passed from generation to generation. Some families were able to keep themselves fairy healthy.

My family has always had some small knowledge in herbs in home remedies. Chamomile tea to ease stomach upset. Drinking hot water with lemon and honey to relieve sore throats. When I became a mom, I learned more still from my In-laws and friends. Tea made of any one of the mint family also helps upset stomachs. Soak a candy cane in warm water and give the water to an infant (check the temperature first) to ease colic. Cabbage tea helps to heal and relieve the discomfort of ulcer pains. Stomach problems dominate my household, that’s where my interest is.
I’ve recently learned Lavender widely believed to help promote relaxation can also promote sleep and help relieve headaches. I suffer from chronic migraines and insomnia so I will be searching for a Lavender sachet or potpourri to keep at my bedside.


In recent years, a surge of scientific studies has proved the power of herbs in health. A Google search will bring more site and studies than a single person could read in a week. There’s also a wide array of books, about herbs and plants used to promote health or what herbs/plants you could eat if you were stranded without food.

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Most of our current medications originally started as a plant compound, with time scientists have found a way to make a synthetic copy of those compounds and mass-produce our medicines. New plants are being found in the depths of the remaining rainforests that are promoting our health too.

The old Wise Ones were wise beyond their time.

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