Considered as near magical and credited with supernatural powers.

The Aztecs called it “the gift from heaven” because it fell from the sky in meteor form.


Specialists were needed to remove iron from the ore and harden it. These specialists of Blacksmiths soon were thought of as magicians.

Iron is used to fight evil, keep fairies and demons away, in some case to keep vampires away. It was believed to ward off witches.

Types of Witchcraft

The Witching Hour

When I say witchcraft what do you think? Do you see an image of an old woman standing in front of a large pot stirring in frog legs and eyes of newt?

Don’t worry that’s what most people see.

What if I told you that was only a small part of a witches’ craft. Most don’t use eyes of newt or frog legs either. I could make a joke here and say they are too hard to find now, but I won’t.

So what do witches do? You ask me…

Well, Witchcraft is so much more that one blog post could ever do justice to. It’s so much more than I could ever do justice to. I’ll try to give you a small peak into witchcraft though.

We already touched on Black and White magic, there is also a line in the middle, Gray magic. It can be seen as bad, good and in between. Of course you all have heard about Voodoo and Hoodoo magic.

There are many forms of crafting.

A lot of modern witches use candles. Some use herbs, some use images, cords or threads.


Burning candles of various types and kinds for various purposes is used for Candle magic.
Cords and threads are knotted while saying spells.
Herbs are used for spells and potions.
Images are used while chanting spells.

There is something called Ceremonial magic, it’s much like a religious mass. A lot of people gather together to perform Ceremonial magic.

4th verse

Magicians are said to use magic, but their magic is a very different from a witches magic. ~ This will have to be a post for a different day.~

That’s all the sneak peak I’m allowed to give for today.