Tools Of A Witch Part 4

You can find part 3 to this series Here

This series is in no way a full list of a witch’s tools. Each and every witch uses what she feels is necessary for the spell or ritual she or he is preforming at that moment. Some witches don’t use any tools, other use a large array of tools. My lists during these past few months are the most commonly used tools.

Any Medicinal drink can be referred to as a potion. The wise ones knew how to brew herbs to heal, although potion is most often thought of as a poison. Or to be used in love magic.


Scotttish Witches use a staff much like other witches use a wand, sword, or asthme, to cast a circle and direct energy. A staff is a symbol of authority.

Crystals and Stones
They’re belived to have energies that aid in magic, and healings.
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A coven tool the HP or HPs walks around the circle allowing the tip of the sword to mark the circle’s line. Can also be used instead of a wand without a coven.

Card from a Tarot deck.

Card from a Tarot deck.

The witches’ tools differ from tradition to tradition. Whether the witch is a solitary or part of a coven is also important when looking at tools.

Pentacle and/ or Pentagram
Used in divination. Usually on the altar as a protection symbol.

Cards used to tell the future. The Roma or Gypsies brought the cards with them to Europe. The earliest known deck of tarot cards from the fourteenth century. There are 78 cards in total. Twenty-two are figure cards. There are 4 suits usually Wands, Pentacles, Swords and Cups. These cords run from Ace to 10. There are also 4 face cards: King, Queen, Knight, and Page.


White Handle Knife
Used in rituals. Used only to engrave other tools with symbols or names.

Types of Magic Part 2

Last month during our Witching Hour fun, we learned about a few types of Witchcraft and Magic. Tonight I’d like to talk about a little more about types of magic.

Witching Hour 1

Voodoo is not black magic, as it’s believed to be. It’s a formal religion with temples, priests, and gods. There are elaborate ceremonies and rituals. Initiates have a period of learning for nine days. In Haiti Voodoo uses some Christian images and practices.

Natural Magic
Natural Magic uses herbs, oils, stones, and amulets. It doesn’t depend on conjuring entities, elaborate tools, or ceremonies. Solitary witches, pagans, and country dwellers mostly use it.

Low Magic
Low magic is another name for folk magic or natural magic. The power used in this magic comes from the witch or the Earth. Sticks, herbs, roots, and stones are often used. This magic is much simpler than High or Ceremonial Magic.

Love magic
Love magic uses clay or wax figures to portray a person the magic is to work against. This kind of magic is usually used in black magic or healings. modern witches never or rarely use it for evil.


knot Magic
Knot magic has been used since the time of the ancient Eygptians and has been connected with witches since the middle ages. it was thought to be a powerful weapon and can be used to prevent situations.

Black Magic
Black magic is a type of negative magic that harms a person in some way. there is an attempt to talk to evil spirits to do evil work. usually thought of as using Voodoo dolls which isn’t necessarily black magic.

candle magic
Candles are used to represent people or things. they are also used to request magic. can be used In white or black magic.


White Magic
White magic is done for good and positive purposes. It’s done to help people. Protective magic is also white magic

Grey Magic
Grey magic is neither positive or harmful. Binding is usually considered grey magic.

Sympathetic Magic
Sympathetic magic is also called Imitative magic. Actions imitate the real ones that are wanted in this type of magic.

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