Hante Pore

A vampire spirit in Indian lore can attack people from a safety of its own home.

By entering the astral plane. After wandering the astral plane looking for its victims it will exit the plane in the victim’s home. Its been described as looking like a three foot long leech.

It attaches to an open wound and drain its prey of their blood.

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In Ancient Hebrew Aluka meant leech (Haemopsis Sanguisuga). In Proverbs 30:15, it’s translated to horseleech. In Arabic (Aluka) means to hang to. In Syria and Israel there is a leech that attacks to a horses neck while it drinks from a stream.

The Aluka is known for attaching to the skin and not being removable until death. Some Bible scholars in the 19th century offered the interpretation of Aluka being a mythological vampire creature a Hebrew version of Arabia’s ghoul, which sucked blood and dined on the flesh of the dead. Contemporary scholars don’t believe this as a viable option.