Bulgarians believed children born on Saturdays and died before baptisim would rise from the grave nine days after burial.

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The vampire revenant would be called istral or “lost heart”. The istral preys on life stock , killing five more a night, by drianing it of blood.

Only a vampirdzhija (a vampire hunter) can kill it.



In the astral plane exists the Caballi a vampire being, that preys on other astral beings. It can also prey upon humans who are passing through the Astral plane and sexually driven mediums.

Similar to the Inccubus/Succubus it seeks prey who enjoy satisfying their voracious needs.

Latching on to those humans and using their bodies during sexual activity.

Caballi is created when a man dies before his natural time. His soul travels to the astral plane. He keeps his mind, intellect, and desire to interact with the world.

The Caballi will possess a psychic medium so for a little while it will have a sense of sensation.

Daylight kills the Caballi, which will end any possessions.