This French vampire witch assaults people while they sleep.

Once the Gaukemare finds a victim it will shape-shift into a incubus or succubus depending on the gender of its prey. It drains its prey of life energy and sexual energy every night.

Victims grow weak as time goes on and develop extreme leg cramps.

The witch will end up killing her lover.


The only way to keep her away is to keep salt under your pillow and saying prayers before going to sleep

Romania and some of it’s vampires

I think we’ll look at some of Romania’s vampires today.

Baba Coaja pronounced Baba CO-ya.

A vampire forest spirit in Romania is a bloodthirsty monster. She’s described as a half bear and a half woman. She’s called “Queen of the Forest” and has total control of everything within her wood.
She’s a very evil entity. She catches children who wander into the forest alone or those who’ve wandered away from theirs parents.she consumes their bodies and locks their souls in Elderberry trees where they rot.

This vampire called Sburator meaning flying man is a Romanian vampire. He’s a form of a Incubus and custom made for the victim.

He’s described as extremely handsome, and everything his victim needs including being the perfect lover.

Once every seven years he sneaks into his lady’s window. During his attack he kisses her gently sometimes so softly she doesn’t even wake up when she awakes she feels drained her body throbs with pain and she’s easily agitated, signs of an energy attack. After her first attack she’s no longer interested in other men.

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Today is Vampire Wednesday!

Ancient myths believed vampires could father child.    Umm? Yeah, baby vampires rise a whole new set of questions.

Gypsies believed that some vampires (MULE) would pay their spouse or other young women nightly visits; sometimes these visits would result in pregnancy. The hybrid child was called a dhampir. Dhampirs in myth were usually male -although recent fiction has female dhampirs usually called dhampirlla.
Dhampirs lived a normal live in their communities. It was believed that dhampirs had special powers for finding and destroying vampires. A highly paid for skill.   Some dhampirs would supplement their incomes by selling their skills.  If the vampire was outside of his grave the dhampir could shoot it with a pistol. (No staking through the heart!)
Here’s some strange info..
Residents of Gypsy communities thought that dhampirs had slippery, jelly-like bodies, because they thought vampires didn’t have bones. (Huh? Alrighty then!) They were believed to live short lives.
A dhampirs’ powers would pass to his sons, through a family line. The powers couldn’t be learned.

Nosferatu, and Incubi were also believed to be able to father children.

Other vampire hybrid children were called Cambion and Glog. More on them another day.