A Bloody Tribute

A mutual friend introduced Peter and I some time ago. I want to say a year, but it seems longer than that. I’ve enjoyed reading his work ever since. He gave us a poem this time around. 😀

A Bloody Tribute by Peter Davis-Parker

They danced for him that night;
they danced the dance of the dead.

He flew atop the chimney stacks
the swells of warmth kept his flesh aloft,
their ‘charms’ warded against him.

He landed in the blackest of alleys,
the rain it nary touches his flesh nor cloth
knowing better than to incite the wrath of hell’s oldest son.

He walked softly through the backstreets
witnessed by many,
seen by not one.

He came upon the village limits,
upon a working girl did his blackest eyes spied.

Now chosen he came upon her with ungodly speed and
sucked her dry;
sucked of her as she no doubt had suckled countless others that very eve.

He shed not a drop and lay her on the village square,
a warning yet apology.
His thirst sated for now.

They knew the monster’s wrath and so tomorrow night they would draw straws
as they had now for as long as their memory stands.
The next night he’ll be given new tribute.

What will be has been and will be
and shall ever be again

You can find Peter here:
Peter Davis-Parker Facebook
Blog: peterparkerscuriousweb.tumblr.com