Native Soil

In Eastern Europe, vampires were believed to be revived bodies of the dead. They lived close to the grave of the local graveyards.
coffin_construction_13 Their Native Soil surrounded them. However, there never was a special mention of it. Nor was there a special mention in the early vampire stories.

Bram Stocker was the first to mention the need for native soil. Count Dracula was found various times lying in boxes of “his” native soil. He had 50 crates shipped to England and scattered around (all full of soil.) Abraham Van Helsing figures out Dracula needs the soil as a resting place. He destroys all but one crate by placing a Eucharistic wafer in them.


I find it strange that our literary history creates a large amount of our believes.
What do you think about Native soil? Do you think Vampires would need it?

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