Vampires Vampires Vampires

As the sun sets tonight, I’ve crawled from my coffin. Um, I mean, I’m sitting here after a long day of writing and researching….

We’re starting a little late, but I have some vampire fun for you this month. I’ve got a crypt full of writers chatting, goblets of Sangria in hand. Dylan J. Morgan is here talking about “Blood War”, he’s agreed to a giveaway! Nina Mason, is here to talk about “The Queen of Swords”. Brian Moreland is here to talk about “Dead of Winter” not vampires. . . cannibals!! He has a giveaway too. Caris Roane, is here to talk about “Embrace The Passion” the newest book in “The Blood Rose Series” she’s also got a giveaway for you. Jeanie Grey will be here with the last book in “The Lilly Frank Series” “Awakening 3” I’m so sad to see Lilly go, but I’m so excited for her. We also have Daven Anderson and his second book “Vampire Conspiracy”. I’ve also got Karen Soutar, I couldn’t do anything vampire (or witch for that matter) without her. Peter Davis-Parker is here, with an awesome poem!

I’ve asked some other authors, but these ladies and gents are being fashionably late.

So grab your crystal goblet and some red or O+ for those of you so inclined. Sit back and enjoy Vampire month.

***UPDATE*** Juliette Kings, aka Vampire Marman is here, she was lurking in the shadows. I think she was enjoying the calm atmosphere. She has teenage vampires at home, they can get noisy, believe me I know. I’ve sent my fledglings away for the month.