Ponderings of an Insomniac

Last night I got to bed 30 minutes earlier than normal. Do you think I would have gotten to sleep more, No that would have been too nice.

My mind went into a state of pondering. I’ll try to share as much with you as I can remember.  I’ll write it down here as it happened.  It gets really weird and crazy.

First I went over my to do list…It’s so long I won’t even bother here.

I wonder why the moon has been coming out during the night and why is she coming out during the day. That seems too weird Moon is for the dark night, the sun is for the day. I can’t even find her in the daytime. I wonder if she’s too close to the sun to see her. Orion moved a lot too.

I’ll have to actually go outside in the cold to see him soon. I don’t want to go outside, I prefer standing in the doorway, and it’s a little warmer there.  Maybe the moon is sad looking at Orion, so she’s hanging out with Apollo. That makes sense. Artemis is spending time with Apollo. Why am I thinking about this, I’m tired I want to go to sleep.

Wouldn’t she be mad at Apollo though, he tricked her into killing Orion, but what if seeing Orion dead hurts more? I wouldn’t want to see either. That was cruel of Apollo; he was her twin and tricked her into killing her lover. Poor Artemis.
–Sigh- I need to get to sleep.

No more moon. No more moon.




Go to sleep.

Sheep. . . can I count sheep.






What if a zombie and a vampire were after the same woman? That’s dumb, but they both use humans for food.

–Sleep fool, not zombies, vampires, or werewolves-

Werewolves, I need to learn more about werewolves. Why are werewolves always vampire enemies? Zombies should be added into that.

I wonder if the vampire said, I’ll drink from her first then you can have the carcass, would a zombie go for that compromise.
-Sigh- Go To Sleep!

What if the zombie got impatient and attacked while the vampire was still eating? The vampire would kick the zombie’s butt.  That’s what would happen! Are you so sure? A zombie is a big threat, a threat to a human but not a vampire.

Vampires are much faster and more agile even though zombies have superhuman strength so do vampires. The vampire would run circles around the zombie in no time. So a vampire would win.

I hope my zombie-writing friend doesn’t get mad at that idea. Oh well, the vampire would still win.
–Sigh- Please brain shut up and let me sleep!

I wonder would a vampire eat from a zombie if that was all it could find. Nah, zombies are rotting, a vampire couldn’t ever want that. Could a zombie eat a vampire…. We already went over this a vampire is too fast…

Okay but what if the vampire is in his day coma, but some vampires don’t… Let’s just go with this.

Okay the vampire is asleep in his day coma and a zombie finds him. We’ll go with the ‘sleeps from sun up to sun down version’. So the zombie bites the vampire. Nah, WAIT zombies eat other zombies.

No vampire, wake up. Don’t let the yucky zombie eat you!
–Sigh- Are you serious? GO TO SLEEP.

If there were zombies in the middle ages, how did you defend yourself? They could get too close if they fought with swords. Everyone would be infected then.

Ooooh what about the Roman soldiers? Could they fight zombies?

Roman soldier zombies!

No thank you the only thing worse than that is a Gladiator zombie.

Sh*t now I’m just scaring myself!
–Sigh- I refuse to think about anything else! It must be close to 2 AM now. Please just let me sleep.

Or let my characters start talking to me again. I could use this time writing not thinking uselessness.

Good pondering!!!  (-Sigh- this is a good idea, where’s my tinfoil hat?)
I won’t share. I might want to write about this… My tin hat is on, so no one can get my idea.