Today will talk about unibrows.
No, I’m not giving a beauty class.

Many cultures believe the person with the eyebrows that met in the middle were associated with deceit, bad-tempers, witchcraft, vampires.
Wow that’s a list!

The Greeks believed people with unibrows were vampires. Those in Germany, Iceland, and Denmark believed they were werewolves. A general consensus is unibrows brought bad luck, immortality, premature death, and violent tempers to those who have them.

Wolf Stone

In the Fichtel Mountains in Germany.

The “wolf stone” is a large stone cross, used to mark the spot local residents believed a werewolf was buried.

According to the old stories following a 4 day span tells of a shepherd’s flock was attacked constantly. The shepherd tried to stop the attacks. One day he saw a large wolf creep out of the forest and snatched a lamb. Even with the lamb, the wolf was able to out run the shepherd.

The shepherd asked the most skilled huntsman to stand watch with him. The next day the wolf snatched another lamb. The huntsmen (known to be an excellent shot) shot at the wolf repeatedly, but to no avail. The following morning the shepherd went to town, where he noticed an elderly woman limping.

This woman was suspected of practicing black magic (or evil sorcery.) He asked her about her injury, she became angry and told him to mind his own business. The shepherd reported her, after suspecting she was shape-shifting into a wolf. The old woman was interrogated, flogged, and securely chained in a cell. But when the jailers went to check on her they found she’d disappeared.

A few days later the shepherd spotted the wolf again but this time it wasn’t after the flock. It attacked the shepherd. The huntsman happened upon the shepherd fighting the furious wolf. He tried shooting the wolf, but it didn’t shop the deadly battle.

The huntsman took two silver blades to the wolf. As blood seeped from the wolf the form of the old woman took shape before dying. The men administer a few death blows to be sure it died, before dragging it to a hole 20 ft deep.

The “wolfcross” marks where the locals believe that the were-woman’s grave is. Strange happenings continued to manifest there.

**The Full Moon today is called Bright Moon.**

Blut Avssauger

The Blut Avssauger or “drinker of blood” is a vampire revenant from the folklore of Bavaria, Bosnia and Germany.

Blut Aussauger is similar to the Bluats Avger, but there are enough differences to be a separate species. They may share an ancestor.

Blut Avssauger can convert people if a human eats dirt from its grave (by force or trickery.) A person can become a Blut Aussauger if they eat meat killed by a wolf, commits suicide, dies unbaptized, dies a witch, leads a immoral life, or if a nun walks over his grave.

His nightly search of human blood reveals his true form. Waxy pale skin, large eyes, and slightly hairier than a normal person, are normal vampire characteristics I’ve already told you about.

The Blut Aussauger has no skeletal system, this gives its supernatural strength a little extra because it’s movements aren’t hindered. It also allows it to attack from any angle or location.

It can also shape-shift into a bat, dog, rat, snake, and wolf.

Sunlight and garlic can keep this vampire away, but so can black dogs that have eyes painted in white on their heads. You can also hang some Hawthorn or smear garlic paste in your window if you don’t want to paint white eyes on your dog’s head. If you palnt Hawthorn on your property it will keep the Blut Avssauger off your land.

Garlic is important in killing the Blut. Trick or force feed it some garlic that will weaken it enough to be able to stake it through the heart. Holy Water and of course garlic need to be placed in the grave. You should burn incense during the burial.

If you can get some garlic in the Blut Avssauger’s mouth prolong exposure to sunlight will also kill it.

Got to love Bella Lugosi

Got to love Bella Lugosi


Germany’s folklore tells of a small little man dressed in red from head to toe.
The Tomtins were forest spirit servants of nearly forgotten fertility gods, Nacht Ruprecht or “Night Rupert” and Schwartz Peter or “Black Peter”. These gods were worshipped by ancient German tribes.

Tomtins were sadistic vampire fairies. At their masters command they’d attack travelers, beat them to death with sticks and chains then lap the blood that spilled from the corpse. When they were finished eating they’d take the victim’s heart and liver back to their master.

During the winter Nacht Ruprecht would travel around and visit random houses. If you worshipped him ( long before the surprise visit) he’d reward you. If you didn’t worship him. . . You were left alone with his Tomtins.

With the introduction of Christianity to the area, the Church wanted to keep some of the locals beliefs. Something they did often to make the transition easier. Nacht Ruprecht become Germany’s Saint Nicholas.

Nacht Ruprecht wore bells and chains, and Germany’s St. Nic was known as Buller Clause or Belled Nicholas. The Tomtins were still under St. Nic’s control but now they didn’t kill.now they’d wake up sleeping children and ask them questions about their Catechism.

If the child gave the wrong answer the Tomtins would whip them with sticks while Saint Nicholas would stone them with coal. Tomtins would lick the lick the blood off the kids.

Over the years they become nicer still, the Tomtins became happy little elves who made toys for Jolly ‘Ol St. Nic.