Wolf Belt

North European folklore tells one of the most common methods to transform into a werewolf is to put on a wolf’s belt. This is basically a strip of wolf hide with the fur still on it.

Some men put on this belt simply to become more wolf-like. They would wear it to gain courage, display savage prowess in battle of have more strength while preforming tasks of hard labor.

Wearing the wolf belt had an incantation placed on it by sorcerer it would allow the wearer to transform into a wolf. The shape-shifter could then become a wolf at night and kill its enemies or enemies’ livestock.


** This Month’s Full Moon is called Snow Moon. **

Boxen Wolf

In the Schaumburg region of Germany werewolves are called Boxen wolves.

It’s believed they’ve made a pack with Satan that allows then to transform. They do this by buckling a strap around their waists. Satan gave them this strap.

Boxen wolves are known to be cunning and taking great delight in tormenting people.

If you suspect someone of being a Boxen wolf. You can tell for sure by holding a piece of steel over them. His or her true identity will be revealed by doing so.


**This Full Moon is called Frost Moon.**


The Ancient Greeks and Romans believed in a Wolf Enchanter of Wolf Charmer.

They called him Lupicinus.

Lupicinus may have in prehistoric times been an individual tribes men who had a skill for communicating with wolves. As wandering pre historic man began to settle into villages the need of a person skilled at singing with wolves (wolf charmer) was still necessary.

He would convince the wolves to stay away from the domesticated animals. Lupicinus could howl with the wolves and lead the away from the livestock pens. Because he wore a wolf’s pelt belt it was thought that the Lupicinus was able to transform himself into a wolf whenever he desired. A werewolf.

** This month’s Full Moon is called Harvest Moon. **

Wolf’s Bane

Wolf’s Bane is a poisonous part of the perennial herbs, it’s part of the buttercup family.

These are divided into 2 genera: Aconitum and Eranthis. Flowering Wolf’s Bane and Monkshood are part of the flowering Aconitum family and are deadly.

They discharge aconite a poisonous substances. The most poisonous variety grows in Nepal.

Warriors there used the flower to tip their arrows. They’d then shoot their enemies’ wells turning their water supplies unusable.

We can assume that the skilled witches of the middle ages (which were extremely proficient herbalists) could use Wolf’s Bane for both deadly and healing purposes. Proper dosages of Wolf’s Bane can be an effective pain-reliever and tonic.

It’s been told that witches used Wolf’s Bane to turn themselves or others into werewolves. Extreme care would be required to prevent death. Correct dosages may have caused hallucinations.

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Making the taker believe they’d shape-shifted into a wolf.

It’s also noted that Wolf’s Bane is used to keep one safe from Werewolf attacks.

*** I’m in no way reasonable if you are attacked by a werewolf while using Wolf’s Bane as an amulet. Or for any consumption of the herb. ***

**This month’s Full Moon is called Windy Moon.**

Wolf Stone

In the Fichtel Mountains in Germany.

The “wolf stone” is a large stone cross, used to mark the spot local residents believed a werewolf was buried.

According to the old stories following a 4 day span tells of a shepherd’s flock was attacked constantly. The shepherd tried to stop the attacks. One day he saw a large wolf creep out of the forest and snatched a lamb. Even with the lamb, the wolf was able to out run the shepherd.

The shepherd asked the most skilled huntsman to stand watch with him. The next day the wolf snatched another lamb. The huntsmen (known to be an excellent shot) shot at the wolf repeatedly, but to no avail. The following morning the shepherd went to town, where he noticed an elderly woman limping.

This woman was suspected of practicing black magic (or evil sorcery.) He asked her about her injury, she became angry and told him to mind his own business. The shepherd reported her, after suspecting she was shape-shifting into a wolf. The old woman was interrogated, flogged, and securely chained in a cell. But when the jailers went to check on her they found she’d disappeared.

A few days later the shepherd spotted the wolf again but this time it wasn’t after the flock. It attacked the shepherd. The huntsman happened upon the shepherd fighting the furious wolf. He tried shooting the wolf, but it didn’t shop the deadly battle.

The huntsman took two silver blades to the wolf. As blood seeped from the wolf the form of the old woman took shape before dying. The men administer a few death blows to be sure it died, before dragging it to a hole 20 ft deep.

The “wolfcross” marks where the locals believe that the were-woman’s grave is. Strange happenings continued to manifest there.

**The Full Moon today is called Bright Moon.**

Werewolf Looks

The Wolf's Moon

While in human form werewolves look like normal men and women.

They don’t fear sunlight or religious objects. They may be restless or melancholy. But their appearance wouldn’t give away their secret.

Ancient Traditions describe the werewolf while in wolf form to be inseparable from the animal. He runs on all fours. After removing all clothing and shoes the transformation will begin. If killed in wolf form he’d transform back into a naked human.
Wolfs playing

Those who didn’t want to become a werewolf will suffer shame and disgust, after a transformation for their deeds. Some may wish they die, they may try to commit suicide. However the Grim Reaper can only by certain means.

Those who wished to become werewolves. They may have become one through: incantation , potions, or spells. They enjoy their strength and ability to strike fear in the hearts of those who hear their howls on the full moon.

Some modern movies and novels describe the werewolf as a shape-shifter wolf-like being. He walks on two legs, is hairy and fanged. While shape-shifting the clothes and shoes are ripped or shredded. This werewolf is usually barefoot, and slightly clothed as it fills its lust for blood and flesh on the full moon.

**This month’s Full Moon is named Awakening Moon.**


The Wolf's Moon

Not a werewolf but…

The jackal-headed Egyptian god of the underworld. Anubis is sometimes called the Great Dog.


Dogs are greatly revered in ancient Egypt.

Anubis had a place of honor in the pantheon of gods.

In the Middle Ages, Christians believed images of Anubis confirmed legends of werejackals that attacked unwary desert travelers.

Some ancient cults saw Anubis as a conduit for healing, others believed his priests wearing, dog-headed masks were assuming the god’s role as judge of the underworld and were stealing souls of hapless victims that the pretended to cure.


**The Full Moon this month is named Death Moon.**

Romulus and Remus

*** The Full Moon, so romantic for those who aren’t transformed. Valentine’s Day… a day of romance. This year the two fall on the same day. Something extra special for such a day. Although not romantic. ***

Romulus and Remus are the legendary founders of Rome.

r r

They were twin brothers that were abandoned at birth (as legend has it) by their mother Rhea Silvia, the daughter of Numitor, king of Alba Longa.

If we take a few steps backwards in history, we would find that Numitor’s brother seizes power from Numitor kills all his male heirs and forces Rhea to become a Vestal Virgin (she became a priestess of Vesta, a Goddess). However, the God Mars, (or maybe it was Hercules) comes to Rhea and she conceives.

When Rhea delivers twin boys, her uncle kidnaps them and abandons them in Tiber River.

rom rem

The river takes them to a She-wolf who suckles and raises them. Their wolf mother passed her lycanthropic powers to them. As young children, they are found by a shepherd and his wife and are raised to manhood.

They discover their true identities and kill Numitor’s brother, put Numitor back on his throne. Waiting for Numitor to leave them, power is something they are not interested in. The find another area and build their own city.

Romulus was a jealous man. He killed his brother, as Cain killed Abel. (This gives us two similar stories from two separate cultures). He names his city after himself… Rome.

A little extra interesting tidbit…As Romulus became the leader of his tribe; he wore a Galea Lupina or helmet shaped like a wolf’s head. His warriors copied him and wore the skins of wolves and dogs.

*** This month’s Full Moon is called Moon of Ice***

Come back tomorrow to learn about Lupercalia, a Roman Festival. If you prefer not to celebrate Valentine’s Day, we’ll celebrate the Lupercalia together tomorrow.

Animal Ancestors

Can you hear them? They’re singing their song to the Full Moon. Yes, it’s time for another Wolf’s Moon.

The Wolf's Moon
A common Native American myth states that in the beginning humans were like animals and animals were like humans.

South American mythologies state in the beginning people were animals but also human. Meaning the spiritual side of humans found their first homes within animal forms.

There are numerous stories from Native American tribes across North America telling of were-men, bear-men, and cougar-men and all sorts of were-creatures.

There are also stories of women giving birth to man-beasts and tribesmen taking animals as wives.

Ancient cultures throughout the world form totem clans and claimed an animal ancestor as the progenitor of their clan. Many tribes in Europe and the Americas believe their ancestors were wolves.
Recent research shows our association with wolves began over 140,000 years ago.


As time passed clans began to form beliefs that other animals were their ancestors. These other animals were respected and chosen for natural abilities. The strength of a bear, ape, the grace of a deer, swan.

**Strangely enough this month’s Full Moon is called Wolf’s Moon.**