Living Vampires


Vampire lore in Romania has a living vampire. Living Vampires are known at birth as they usually are born with a caul or tail.

This infant is  fully covered with it's caul

This infant is fully covered with it’s caul

Most commonly they are females call Moroaica. They have red hair, blue eyes, twin hearts, and red patches on their faces. The male form is called Moroi. This form is much rarer and can be detected by his male pattern baldness, even at a very young age.

There’s no doubt they’re human but the also have vampire tendencies and super natural abilities. They can drain the life-energy from animals, plant life, and humans. They gather with others of their kind living and undead to teach one another black magic. They drink honey straight from the hive, the bees that live there die afterwards. They can shape-shift into glowing balls, of light, cats, dogs, ravens, or wolves.

When one dies they will rise up as a true vampire unless it was staked through the hearts or decapitated and burned to ash.

Living Vampires can also be people who are born claiming they have special needs that must be met in order to live. Energy may be needed or the need to consume blood. Hemophagia can cause you to crave blood. Biologically speaking the human body can’t process raw blood in a way to take life-sustaining nourishment from it. Raw uncooked blood would make the body very sick.

Liderc Nadly


A vampire known as Liderc Nadly from Hungary takes the form of a ball of light and enters into houses through windows or chimneys in order to drink the blood of an infant, which is most fond of.

It can also appear to travelers, gaining their trust by his great sense of humor and seduces the traveler to a hidden place. The traveler is then drained during sexual intercourse.

Liderc Nadaly is created when a person eats the flesh of someone who’s been executed. A stake through the heart or a piercing through the forehead with a nail can destroy it.

As it dies, it will change into a werewolf like creature.


This one is strange. Ready?

The Asema comes to us from the Republic of Suriname. A vampire witch, looking like a regular old man or woman, but they have red eyes and their toes point downwards.

Before hunting, the Asema removes its skin, folds it neatly, and hides it. –Seems a little OCD to me.—

After it gets its skin hidden away safely it shape-shifts into a ball of blue light and flies around looking for its prey. It can slip in and out of the smallest cracks in walls and foundations.


The Asema is very meticulous in its blood drinking as it avoids anyone whose blood is bitter tasting. When someone with blood he finds tasty is found he drinks nightly form hat person until the person dies.
A sign of an Asema attack are large red and blue spots at the bite site. You can keep the asema away by eating garlic or other herbs or foods that would make the blood taste bitter.


A handful of sesame seeds or rice mixed with pieces of owl talons kept behind the door will help too, as the Asema has to count or pick each grain or seed. When he comes to the pieces of talons he hast to start counting all over again, tossing out the piece of talon. With any luck, this will keep it busy until sunrise. The Asema can’t be in the sunlight without its skin. If it hasn’t fled before dawn, it will die.

If you can find where it’s hidden its skin, rubbing it with salt will make it useless. The Asema will die in the sunlight.

The Blood Vampires Drink


We all agree that Vampires need blood to survive. Whether they choose human blood: forced, by trade, or donated, animal blood, or synthetic they must drink blood.

We have gone over some of the old myths and legends believed vampires could eat human food. Dampires usually consumed human food for the human side of their being, but for today let’s just for sake of this post talk only about drinking blood.

Okay, so now we get close to my post today.

I have always wondered why vampires couldn’t drink from the dead. I don’t mean a corpse that has been dead for a long time. A dead body of a day or two, the blood would lack oxygen and nutrients, but what about a body that has just died.

If you were hungry, a bag of potato chips would ease the hunger. It wouldn’t give you the nutrients to survive, but you wouldn’t be hungry. You’d have sometime before your body gave up on you if that is all you ever ate. Therefore, wouldn’t a vampire be able to drink from a dead body. Wouldn’t a vampire be able to become friends with a doctor at the hospital morgue or an undertaker? Well, maybe an undertaker would only have older bodies that wouldn’t work anymore. That would give him some time to find a suitable donor.

I’ve concluded on this matter. While I was away, I had dental surgery. A facial/oral surgeon removed four wisdom teeth; bone from my bottom right jaw was also removed. The first day my gums leaked blood; by the third day, it wasn’t a bloody taste anymore. I remember driving somewhere with my mom, and saying “No wonder vampires don’t drink old blood, it’s disgusting.”

We usually read or see in movies, Vampires who turn their noses at spilled blood. “It’s not fresh,” is usually what were told, but wouldn’t it still be okay, a little snack to hold you off for a few hours? If blood that is flowing from a live body isn’t consumable then blood that was from a bag wouldn’t be either, Right?

Alternatively, is it because spilling blood has been exposed to the air? Would that really make a difference if a few minutes have passed?

In all honesty, I’m not sure.

Anyone care to share his or her thoughts?



The Sucoyan looks like an old woman by day. At night, she takes off her skin and hides it in a hollow of a tree.

She shape-shifts into a corpse candle and searches for her prey.


Usually the victim is a sleeping person that she’ll drain.

Like all other vampires who can remove their skin. . . If you can find her skin and rub it with salt, she won’t be able to use it and die in the sunlight.


The Sucoyan is from the West Indies.

Interviews with Vampires Lilly and Torren

I’m so happy today to be sharing the chance I had to interview Lilly and Torren from Awakening 2.


Lilly sits alone with Mari at the large table in Beth and Carrie’s kitchen, two weeks after the end of Awakening 2.

The change was hard on you. Can you tell us a little more (not mentioned in the book) about it?

After everything that’s happened, that seems so long ago now. *Shudders* I, uh…I suppose “It was difficult” is an understatement. Just so much stimuli all at once. *Closes her eyes* Imagine being in the middle of a crowded room where everyone is yelling and there’s really loud experimental-industrial music playing and people keep touching you with strange objects you can’t see and the air is thick and there are all these smells being pumped into the room that are vaguely familiar but you can’t quite identify and there’s a really bright light shining directly into your eyes but the rest of the room beyond is pitch dark. Times a thousand.

Now that you’ve adjusted a little more, what do you think of being a vampire?

*Opens her eyes* Right now? It really sucks. I mean, sensory-wise, it’s not as bad as it was those first few months. But I’m still healing from…the incident. I have a scar across my chest. *Gestures from her left collarbone down below her right breast* It aches all the time. And Torren kind of broke my heart. Not to mention the fact that the whole reason I became a vampire in the first place was to feel safer. *Snort* Needless to say, that didn’t really work out as I planned.

What are your plans?

*Looks down at her hands* I don’t know. I need some time to think. To figure out what to do with the rest of eternity. *Her voice quavers* I’m staying at Beth and Carrie’s right now. Part of me hopes that Torren comes looking for me, but part of me doesn’t want him to. I’m–I’m a little fucked up in the head right now. *She begins to cry* I’m so sorry, Mari. I need to be alone. Please go. *Rises and leaves the room*


Milan. Torren is sitting on a couch next to Vittoria, who looks at him adoringly. They are holding hands.

How long ago were you turned?

Torren: I’m not sure exactly. My memory of that time is still unclear, though it’s coming back, little by little. Vittoria is helping with that. *Squeezes Vittoria’s hand and looks at her with stars in his eyes* How long ago was it, my love?

Vittoria: Five hundred twenty years. It was the year 1492.

Do you remember anything about it?

Torren: *shakes his head* No, not yet.

Can you tell me the difference between human blood and animal blood?

Torren: Human blood has a subtler flavor compared to animal blood. To someone who does not have vampire senses and has never tasted blood, it is hard to describe. Drinking the blood of an animal, such as a deer or a horse, leaves a sharp taste on your tongue. Their blood is a little bitter. Human blood, on the other hand, is almost sweet. It’s more full-bodied than animal. More complex.

*Vittoria licks her lips and looks longingly at Mari’s beautiful, long neck*

Do you use human or animal blood regularly?

Torren: Human blood. Vittoria and I go hunting together.

*Vittoria smiles warmly at him*

Can a vampire survive from feeding off another vampire? Is it done for pleasure only?

Torren: *thinks for a moment* I’ve never heard of a vampire subsisting on another vampire’s blood. It is not a thing that is done. I imagine you could, but it would be difficult to find vampires who were willing to be another vampire’s food. It’s seen as…degrading.

What is it like changing someone?

Torren: I don’t know. I’ve never Changed anyone.

Vittoria: *pulls Torren up off the couch, eyes flashing at Mari* Basta! Torren, we go. Immediatamente!

Torren: *looks confused but follows Vittoria toward the door* I–I’m sorry, Mari. Thank you so much for having us here, but we must leave now.


Oh, I was almost worried there for a bit… I don’t know why but I don’t trust Vittoria.

This leaves so many questions doesn’t it??

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Carrickaphouka Castle

Carrickaphouka Castle (Carric-Poo-ka) it means “The rock of the pooka”. McCarthy Castle is the variation of Carrickaphouka name.

This one is going to be so cool. Are you ready? Remember, stick with me no matter what goes through your mind, I promise there is vampirism in here.

Today Carrickaphouka Castle in Ireland stands in ruins, rumors say it’s haunted too!

In 1601 a type of fairy creature the Pooka lived in a large boulder that was on the land. This boulder was used to build McCarthy Castle. The Pooka like many other fairies could shape-shift. Pooka can shape-shift, his favorite forms were that of an eagle, a large horse, and a wild goat.

I hear you. “Fairies, shape-shifting, castles, but where are the vampires?” I ask you to just go along with me.

Cormac Mór MacDermot Tadhg McCarthy, Lord of Muskerry (that is a mouthful!) was made High Sheriff of Cork County after the Battle of Kinsale in 1601. The new English rulers couldn’t control the Irish lords, and High Sheriff was given the duty of rounding those that opposed up.

James Fitzgerald a very popular man was one of these “rebel lords” he had a huge following most being displaced nobility themselves. The High Sheriff invited Fitzgerald to McCarthy Castle. The meal was served to Fitzgerald, but it was poisoned.

Fitzgerald’s death wasn’t enough for the High Sheriff. He wanted to impress the English. He had the body drained of blood and cooked. To the horror of his English masters, he then set about the act of eating the flesh and drinking the blood in front of them.

The drinking of blood, even if it’s been drained from the body, it still counts as vampirism.

All of Ireland was shocked and outraged. The High Sheriff’s clansmen tried to say that he had been possessed by the Pooka. The High Sheriff fled to France shortly after.

After his death, his spirit returned to McCarthy Castle. At night, sounds of painful wails and screams of terror are heard coming from the ruins. Anyone who walks by them at night; will be viciously attacked by unseen, spectral claws that will cut deep enough to draw blood, that’s lapped up. Often fresh blood is seen on the remnants of the castle gate.