Hahn Saburo

This one is a real strange one.

This vampire spirit originates from India. Usually he’s invisible, but when he’s hunting, he takes the corpse candle ball of light shape. He lures travelers into the forest with the light and making strange noises.


If they don’t come to investigate the noises, he sends his hunting dogs to chase them into the forest. Until they are so far in, there’s no chance of help then he attacks. He drains the body and leaves the corpse for his hounds to eat.



The Sucoyan looks like an old woman by day. At night, she takes off her skin and hides it in a hollow of a tree.

She shape-shifts into a corpse candle and searches for her prey.


Usually the victim is a sleeping person that she’ll drain.

Like all other vampires who can remove their skin. . . If you can find her skin and rub it with salt, she won’t be able to use it and die in the sunlight.


The Sucoyan is from the West Indies.

The Jumbies

Today’s vampire comes from the Caribbean islands.

I think this is one of the scariest I’ve ever written about!

The word Jumbies is used collectively to refer to all vampiric creatures that roam the night. Jumbies look like a corpse candle as they fly through the night looking for a solitary traveler or children to drain of their blood.

They can also “ride” a person, draining the victim of life, by feeding from their life energy or sexual energy.

Jumbies are seen often in large cities as well as small villages. When in populated areas they often hide where the streetlights can’t reach. Some linger outside of windows searching for prey. You must never throw water out of a window. A wet Jumbies is a very dangerous and vengeful creature. Jumbies can be good or evil.

Since Jumbies are a corpse candle they can fly, but there is a limitation to their flight. They must stay above continuous ground; it can’t fly over water or a hole or off a cliff.

corpse candle 800x600 72dpi

They can steal the voice of a child so they can speak. They also wear a fake human skin during the day hours, so it can pass as a human. At night, the skin is removed freeing the corpse candle to go hunting.

If you can find the skin. . . rubbing it with salt will cause it to shrivel up. When the Jumbie returns just before dawn and tries to put its skin back on, it’ll find that it won’t fit and the creature will die when exposed to the light of day.

I still have more Corpse Candle vampires for you. Come back next Wednesday for another installment of VAMPIRE WEDNESDAY.


In Bolivia, there is a type of vampire who hunts humans.

He shapeshifts to appear as a kind old man who is lost.

If you offer help and survive the attack, and if you don’t contract a fatal disease afterwards.

The Abchanchu (your own attacker or another of his kind) will find you and drain you fully.


Photo Credit: http://www.creepyhollows.com/faq/index.php?action=artikel&cat=10&id=752&artlang=en


Today, we’ll look at the Banshee.
“Wait, I know about Banshees they aren’t vampires!” I can hear you saying.
Oh, just you wait; you will have your eyes opened soon enough. You will wish you never read this post.
There’s still time for you to run a way and hide.

Are you ready to get on with today’s Vampire Wednesday?
All right then, here we go.

Green Banshee

Green Banshee

The Banshee is now considered a type of Fay (fairy) with vampire tendencies. I never knew Banshee’s had vampire tendencies.
She wears a green dress and grey cloak, her long white hair is loose so it can blow in the wind
Or so says my legends.
A bit about her history before though, she was once believed to be an ancestor spirit that wailed to foretell the upcoming death of one of five major families: The Kavanaghs, The O’Brien’s, The O’Connor’s, The O’Gradys and The O’Neill’s.
Those who hear her wailing cry fear that someone in the family will die the next night.

Did you know that you could come across a banshee washing her shrouds at a riverbank? She’ll be naked of course. If you do find her while she washes, don’t run away. That will just make her mad!
Her long pendulous breast will get in her way. She’ll swing them over her shoulder, and now is your chance. Sneak up to her and pretend to suckle from her breast. Tell her she is your foster mother, and she should accept you. She will answer any question you have.

You could capture her and demand an answer by pointing your sword at her. Now it would be much cooler and much nicer if you convince her she’s your mother, instead of threatening her life, unlife. Whatever you get the point.


If you find her washing and she sees you first! She may tell you she’s washing the shirt of an enemy. You have to give her a name of one of your enemies. Don’t stop her from her chore or your enemy may die the following night.
You have to give her a name or she’ll attack you and drain you of your blood.
Hummm, drinking your blood, sounds like a vampire to me.

When she’s not washing, she hunts the hills near the lakes and rivers, she’s hunting young men, she’ll take him to a secluded place and drink all of his blood.
Here you’ve been reading waiting to see how a Banshee was in my Vampire post.
Now you know.

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