The Gadillon Family

The 1500s were a great time to find rampant werewolf stories.
This one takes place in 1598 France. The Gandillon family -a sister, her brother and his two children- ravaged an area called Jura in wolf form.

Penette Gandillon believe she was a wolf she would run around on all fours. One day she came upon a small boy and girl -brother and sister- gathering strawberries. Penette was consumed by blood rage and attacked the girl. The boy, a four-year-old, pulled a knife on Penette and defend his sister. Penette slashed at the boy cutting his neck and killing him. Later the girl identified that as her brothers killer.
Outraged peasants attacked Penette and tore her pieces.

Not long after, Pernette’s brother Pierre was accused of witchcraft. Rumors circulated appears kidnapping children and taking them to the witches sabbath. He would make fierce hailstorms and turned himself into a wolf with long shaggy gray hair. The devil gave him a special ointment. He wants changed into a hare once too. He accepted the rumors as truth. He confessed to killing and eating animals and humans and to return to human all he had to do was rolling grass.


Georges –Pierre’s son- confessed to using the ointment too. While his body lie in a trance state in bed, lasting three hours once he out he attended a witches sabbat. While in wolf form he killed and eaten two goats.
Both father and son had scars on their faces arms hands and legs that they’d received while in wolf form and fighting with dogs.

Antotinette confessed to selling her soul to the devil who appeared to her in the form of a black cat. She created hail while attending sabbats.

Pierre Georges behaved like raging maniacs, running around their cells on all fours and howling. It was believed they didn’t shape-shift into wolf’s because they didn’t have their magical ointment. Father and both his children were convicted hung and burned.


Vampire ashes cure vampirism!

A story from 19th century Romania tells of an old woman who died, a few months later her oldest son’s children began to die one by one. Then the youngest son’s children.

They exhumed her body because they suspected she’d turned into a vampire. They cut her body into two pieces and reburied her. The children’s death’s continued. The dug up the body a second time.

This time they found it in one piece and without any wounds. They were astonished, they took her body deep into the nearby forest. Under a tree they disemboweled the corpse and removed the heart.

Fresh blood flowed from her heart as they cut it into four pieces. The pieces of heart were burned, the ashes saved, the rest of the body and entrails were burned to ash then buried..
The sons mixed the ashes they saved with water and made the remaining children drink it. There weren’t any more attacks.

There are other cases from the Cusmir area of Romania. Two well-known stories envolve a family member dies, then his relations become sick. When the villages exhume the corpse, it’s usually full of flesh blood. His heart and liver are removed and burned. The ashes are mixed with water. The ill family members drink this potion and miraculously become better.

Some places believe the smoke of a burning vampire heart will protect from evil. Villagers walked through it to become protected.

n 18th and 19th century New England several bodies were exhumed and the organs burned. (Remember Consumption and Mercy Brown) The ash potion was given to people suffering from consumption.

ashes in pot

Vampire Werewolves 2

Jé Rouge

In Haitian lore there’s a werewolf-vampire hybrid called Jé Rouge. (the “Jé” is pronounced “J”)
Jé Rouge means “red eyed.”
When someone evil dies he can rise again as a wolf that only feeds on human blood.
There’s only one way to destroy it. Its head must be cut off by a new sexton’s spade. The head must be thrown into a river.


Ancient Greek monstorous Vampire called mormo or the “terrible One.”
In groups they were called “Mormolykeia” “the terrible wolves.”
It can shape-shift into a beautiful young lady and lure handsome men, draining them of their blood and eating their flesh.
If the mormo can find Attractive men. It settles for the elderly and children.


People in the Breton area of France believe in the Bleiz-Garv (pronounced Blaze-Gar-IF).
This creature occurs when a werewolf dies. It will rise to be a vampire.
Bleiz-Garv means “cruel wolf.”

Dominio Della Morte Review

Book Review Dominio della Morte


Dominio della Morte is a collection of 23 short stories. I’m impressed with the span these stories cover.
The title gives us a clue as to what the short stories are about, Death. Dylan J Morgan spreads a wide range of possibilities, of death in this collection. He gives us Vampires, Werewolves, Ghosts, Zombies, and other undead and dead creatures.

These stories are all about death, and some get very intense. I really like how they are short quick read. I could read a story and then get some chores done before moving on to a new story, I wasn’t rushing through the chapter because I had work to be done. I’d read a story and if I couldn’t keep reading I knew the ending of that particular story. I would try to get back to the next story quickly.

Just when you think, Mr. Morgan can’t possibly give you another great story he does. His array of death is so surprising. For example, there are six or seven stories that involve ghosts. Each one is so different, that I had to go and actually count them out, to make sure. While I was reading never once did I think not another ghost story, I was excited to find out what would happen next.

My favorite stories were “Beasts At The Door” “The Passenger” “By The Cycle Of The Moon” “Northern Lights Eternal Darkness” and the “Bloodlines teaser” these are the ones that still stick with me. Ghosts, Werewolves, Trolls, and Vampires, could you ever possibly go wrong with any of those for your characters? I think not.

I have to tell you there are scenes that talk about child violence. I can’t read graphic scenes like that, so I had to set the novel aside a few times before finishing one of the stories. When I’d come back and read again, I’d see there was a reason for it. I don’t want to give the stories away but remember I’ve said they consist of Zombies, Werewolves, Vampires, and such. Where there was real child violence, it was very brief and vague.

My rating of Dominio della Morte on a scale 1-10 would be 9.7. I can’t give it a full 10 because I had to sit it aside a few times when the talk of child violence became a little too much. I didn’t rate low, because if you can read those scenes without stopping you’ll see it isn’t that bad. It is for grownups, I wouldn’t let my teenager read it, although I’m sure she’s seen worse on TV.

If you like paranormal reads (of course you do you’re reading my blog) I highly recommend Domino della Morte. It’s really good.

You can find Dominio Della Morte at
Dominio della Morte


You can find Mr. Morgan on Twitter @DylanJMorgan
or his website Dylan J Morgan

Odd Stuff Moms are Wont to Say

My friend Sheila Hall and I have been know to chat and Google Hangout. We end up saying very weird things because we are both moms we don’t even question what the other says. Its so much fun.
She was nice enough to transcribe our funny sayings on Monday. Here it is.

Odd Stuff Moms are Wont to Say

Mari and I have a number of things in common. We are writers, made of awesomesauce, and love to read. One of the biggest is that we are both moms: with kids that cannot, for the life of them, allow any deviation from their own attention. Keeping this in mind, we have had some interesting conversations that are occasionally interrupted with the odd comment to our offspring.

If you are not a parent, you may worry about some of the things that were said. Trust me, they are fine. We also are not deranged, no matter how it may appear to the outsider. If you are a parent… well, I am sure the stuff that comes out of your mouth is just as hilarious.

1. “Please get off my head.”

2. “I don’t enjoy being shot. Move your gun.”

3. “Stop tucking in your underwear.”

4. “Stop licking your leg.”

5. “Don’t eat the blanket. I don’t care how much fiber is in it.”

6. “Go be crazy over there.”

7. “No, I don’t know if Hansel (from Hansel and Gretel) is a diabetic.”

8. “Don’t strangle yourself.”

9. “If you keep this up, Mommy is going to need a time out.”

10. “Leave your hole alone!”

11. “I need to poke you.”

12. “Please don’t throw the guns anymore.”

13. “I am NOT smelling your hands!”

14. “Because Wiki said so.”

Which is your favorite? What weird things have you said to your kids? Can you tell what I said or what Sheila said?