The Algul is an Arabian vampire it’s name means “blood sucking, jinni, or horse leech” but there’s no evidence of the Algul drinking from horses.
This vampire looks human, sometimes it will leave the cemetery it lives in and gets married and has children. If found conflicting accounts, some say Algul is male some say it can only be female. Some don’t specify. If it is only female there are a lot of similarities to Lillith.

This picture can’t pass for human, but it’s kind of cool.

Infants are the Algul’s delicacy (I can’t find any proof of it feeding from its own children). It can sustain on a few grains of rice every day.

The Algul is extremely hard to kill it can’t die from disease, old age or any sort of sword or blade. It’s also a talented fighter.
Magic is used to weaken it so it can be captured and burned to ashes.