Seditious by Emily Quido




The Fourth Novel in

The Light-Bearer Series



Seditious is the perfect title for the 4th book in The Light-Bearer Series. This book captures jealously, deceit, and restoration of love flawlessly.

Life at the Castle Charmeine is blissful until reality of the ruling the Elder Council of the Blood-Hunters causes dissent. An unexpected depth to both Tabbruis and Dmitri’s personalities humanizes both men.

This novel shows a side to Tabbruis and Charmeine’s relationship which will throw any reader of The Light-Bearer Series off kilter. Seditious is the continuation of their romantic and turbulent love story and mission on Earth to battle Lucifer’s minions!

Lord Cromwell is a lethal Blood-Hunter who has escaped the Elder Council Prison. He sends his beautiful agent to cause destruction to those who live at the Castle Charmeine.

Bathsheba is a deadly, sexy, and vicious siren who threatens Charmeine and Baby Hunter. Not just with her present actions, but, with the past she shares with Tabbruis and Dmitri. However, the family works together to unravel Bathsheba’s deadly secrets.

Just when you think they are in the clear, a more heinous and ominous villain waits in the wings to tear apart our ill-fated lovers, Charmeine and Tabbruis.

Seditious is a heart wrenching and exciting story of passion, betrayal, and redemption you will not want to miss!


Excerpt from SEDITIOUS the Fourth Novel in The Light-Bearer Series

Charmeine knew this beautiful woman was a very powerful Blood-Hunter. She felt Baby Hunter kicking and fought to control her anxiety.

“Ah, yes, very good gentlemen. We have her now.” The mysterious woman told the men in a thick, French accent. She gazed with wide spellbinding eyes at Charmeine. She looked like a cat ready to pounce on her prey.

The man who held Charmeine pushed her to go out the terrace doors.

She knew this was a kidnapping and worried for Baby Hunter. Charmeine struggled to gain some kind of fighting advantage.

The Light-Bearers practiced their self-defense skills with her daughter, Sandra, and worked on how to get out these hand-binding holds. After Charmeine’s encounters with Pascal, she never wanted to feel helpless again.

With speed and accuracy, Charmeine used her power to fly up backwards over the head of the Blood-Hunter. She broke out of his grip. Immediately, she leveled him with a powerful and fierce bolt of white electricity which stunned him into a stupor.

Percival took this opportunity to sweep the legs of the man who held him. He stunned his assailant, and made him fall down in pain with a green charge which ran through his body.

“Use your light for Athena!” Charmeine yelled to Percival.

Percival threw a green lightning bolt at the man who held Athena.

Within a second, the Blood-Hunter was on the ground. A green current cursed through him.

 “Halt!” the Blood-Hunter woman demanded.

Charmeine looked up and a hand gun was aimed at her belly.

The woman widened her indigo eyes with her fangs exposed. She threatened, “You really never know where a bullet will go? Do you?” she laughed.

Her maniacal giggles curdled Charmeine’s blood. She could tell the Blood-Hunter woman was telling the truth.

“Yes, the bullet could just land somewhere very unhealthy for your unborn spawn.” She circled Charmeine like a shark swimming around its prey. “Not that hurting spawn of this Light-Bearer scum would matter,” she quipped in a matter-of-fact way.

Charmeine began to feel waves of nausea and fought the urge to be sick.

“The offspring is just a by-product.” With a sinister laugh the woman scoffed, “Yes, a by-product which should be tossed aside and thrown away like the trash it is . . . as soon as we cut it out of you!”

She began to laugh with a vicious tone and stuck the gun in Charmeine’s belly ready to pull the trigger.



Questions for Author Emily Guido

On a similar note (pun intended), what music (genre, artist, etc.) most inspires your writing?

I like to listen to classical or easy listening music with headphones on. I hate being interrupted while I write, so sometimes, I stay up all night and write.

Which of your own stories is your favorite?

I don’t know if I have a favorite story since it’s a series. However, I would love to have dinner with Dmitri. He is the oldest and wisest of all the Blood-Hunters. But he still is totally gorgeous with long black hair and deep blue hypnotic eyes. He has a sense of humor like you wouldn’t believe. I don’t think Dmitri would like anything else but blood for dinner, but I would chomp on my steak while listening to his interesting stories about his past on Earth and look into his dreamy blue eyes. Totally got a thing for Dmitri, sorry, he is my fav!


What advice would you give to aspiring writers?

Keep writing and know social media to promote your book but also just say to yourself each day this mantra…

It only takes one…

One person to read your book

One person to tell another person about your book

One person to buy your book

And so on…

Tell me about your current work-in-progress and what your plans are for it.

SEDITIOUS is my fourth novel in The Light-Bearer Series and is coming out shortly, published by PDMI Publishing. YEAH! In a month it will be out on pre-sell on Amazon. SEDITIOUS is the perpetuation of Tabbruis and Charmeine’s love affair. They are enjoying life until the reality of ruling the Elder Council and Temple Guards come crashing down on them. Then a sexy, mysterious and gorgeous woman appears at the Castle Charmeine ready to take what she wants by orders of her Master, Lord Cromwell. Twists and turns, ups and downs are in in this novel of passion and redemption.

What is your ultimate goal as a writer? (To write for pleasure? To be a best-selling author? Something else?)

I write strictly for pleasure. Oh yes, I dream of having my books read around the world. However, if I did this for money or to be famous, I would have never gotten this far. My goal is to enjoy and pass on this wonderful story of The Light-Bearer Series! I have spent a lot of money making these books come to life and promoting them. I also network. I have spent hours promoting these books. It is a labor of love, and if I make anything, I just put it back into the books and promotion.


Author Emily Guido Bio

Facebook Emily (1)

Emily Guido is Paranormal Romance Author. She was inspired to start writing The Light-Bearer Series because one day she got an idea of two star-crossed lovers which needed to have their story told.

The Light-Bearer Series is Young Adult, Paranormal Romance, with Vampires, Angels, History, Action and Adventure. The novels Charmeine, Mactus, Accendo, Seditious, Ransom and Conundrum are the continuation of the wonderful adventures of the inhabitants of The Castle Charmeine!

Emily is currently works for a Fortune 500 Company and has a Master of Business Administration.



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Buy links – Amazon


CHARMEINE the First Novel in The Light-Bearer Series on Amazon

MACTUS the Second Novel in The Light-Bearer Series on Amazon

ACCENDO the Third Novel in The Light-Bearer Series on Amazon

SEDITIOUS the Fourth Novel in The Light-Bearer Series

Coming Soon


RANSOM the Fifth Novel in The Light-Bearer Series

CONUNDRUM the Sixth Novel in The Light-Bearer Series

Book Review :: Seditious

Seditious By Emily Guido

The Blood-Hunters and Light-Bearers have returned to Castle Charmeine. Beaming with love and happiness Charmeine anxiously awaits the birth of her child, and dreams of the other couples in the castle having babies too.

All the castle’s residents know another war waits for them, but they couldn’t have guessed what was in store for them.

Darkness waits in the shadows, by the name of Bathsheba. A flutter of her eyelashes is able to make Tabbruis and Dmitri lose their minds. Tabbruis defends Bathsheba and tries to attack Charmeine, and their unborn child.

Overwhelmed by jealousy and feelings betrayal Charmeine flees the castle. Alone and without money, she does her best to protect and provide for her baby and prepare for upcoming wars against the Light-Bearers.

MeanwhileTabbruis is at Castle Charmeine cooing over Bathsheba and fighting with Dmitri over who will have her heart. Dmitri’s daughter tells them both Bathsheba belongs to Lucifer, and she threatened Charmeine’s baby. Finally, Tabbruis realizes that he’s betrayed Charmiene.

Seditious is face-paced and full of heartbreak. Charmeine is always under attack, either physically or emotionally. Her enemies are those who she loves the most and those she hates the most.

Will Charmeine find happiness by the end of Seditious? Read to find out.

The Light-Bearer :: Book Review

Emily Guido has a series of Blood Hunters, because they drink blood, I’m going to review the three books I’ve read.

The Light-Bearer Series has a delightful array of angels and blood hunters.I really enjoyed the first three books in the series. I devoured (ha ha pun intended) them in 4 days.

The three novels I read tell us about some very damaged men, life sucks ( ha ha this pun was intended too) and these men know it. Most have lost their soul mates.

In Charmeine we meet Tabbruis a wealthy man with an appetite for blood. We follow the story as he meets Charleen a teacher who feels like something is missing from her life. Both meet at a Billy Joel concert. Neither wants to admit that the other causes them to feel feelings that they haven’t felt before. At the end of Charmeine they’re together.

Mactus gives us Charmeine and Tabbruis together, loving each other and learning about each other’s past. OMG! They were married thousands of years ago in heaven! I’m not saying anymore about that, if you want to know you’ll have to read it. We’re also introduced to the other men in the castle. How I said, these guys know just how much life can suck.

In Accendo war is about to break out between the blood-hunters and a very old blood-hunter council. Charmeine and Tabbruis are married, this pisses off the council even more. Why? Because Charmeine is a Light-Bearer, basically she’s an angel. There’s a lot of fighting between newly weds. There are some massive surprises in this novel.

I can’t wait to read the rest of this series, I really enjoyed it.

Charmeine: Light-Bearer Series (Volume 1)

Mactus (Light-Bearer Series Book 2)

Accendo (Light-Bearer Series Book 3)

“The Light-Bearer Series” Interview with the Vampire Tabbruis

For Vampire Wednesday an Interview with Tabbruis, the Blood-Hunter Vampire in “The Light-Bearer Series” by Emily Guido


EG: Hello! I thank you for stopping by today to talk with us on Mari Well’s Vampire Wednesday. I have some questions I would love to ask you.

EG: How do you say your name and where did your unusual name come from?

Tabbruis: (in a deep husky Middle Eastern accent):

First, let me thank you very much for your reception of my company. Now, Tabbruis pronounced correctly is ‘Tab-bree-us’. My name was given to me in Heaven. You see, before I fell to Earth and became a Blood-Hunter or Vampire, I was the Angel of Self-Determination in Heaven.

EG: I didn’t expect that answer! Could you tell us more about your past?


I have been on the Earth for approximately 8000 years alone and mostly a solitary individual. I once was a Blood-Hunter of Humans . . . but I turned against the life as a killer because I recognized my life was no better than others. I bear no ill toward Humans or Light-Bearers. Ever since, I have been a soldier along with my Blood-Hunter Brothers, Dmitri, Neal and Thomas. I have served in many wars and campaigns throughout the ages. Nevertheless, I keep to myself. I am tortured by my thirst and my isolation.


EG: Can you share one really good experience and one really bad experience?


The best experience beside from meeting my long, lost love Charmeine, was meeting my Blood-Hunter brother, Dmitri. We instantly became brothers low these many years. I believe, and probably so does he, that Dmitri is the wisest man on Earth. Many good times we have had on campaigns together fighting on the same squad.

The worst experience I have had is one that I expressed to no one before… Long ago, I was a Blood-Hunter on the hunt for Humans. In a small village I took the life of a husband and wife, when I was done, I saw a toddler crying over their lifeless bodies. To my great horror and shame, I was hit was a wave of self-loathing. The daughter shocked me into ‘the now’. I swore I would never take another Human life for my thirst! I was forever rocked to my foundation at what I was and what pain I caused in my debauchery!

EG: I know bad experiences can be tough to talk about, Tabbruis. However, they tell us a little more about what you have been through and shaped you for who you are today.


My bad experiences have been many because I was destined to live on this Earth with the need for blood and no one to share my life with. I was lost, empty and gravely alone. I had no idea that I had a family in Heaven. Loneliness can be torture! I do not know what I would do now without my wife and child. I am very fortunate that I have been redeemed with their love and comfort. I am the happiest man on the Earth in my Charmeine’s arms.

“The Light-Bearer Series”

EG: Why do you think your experience in “The Light-Bearer Series” needs to be told, Tabbruis?


I believe “The Light-Bearer Series” is the story of two ill-fated, mixed matched lovers, Charmeine and I, who are total opposites. She is light, and I am dark. We had to fight Heaven and Hell to be together. Even though Charmeine and I were made for each other, we always had obstacle after obstacle to overcome. Some wonderful and terrifying things have happened to us during the process. “The Light-Bearer Series” is a story of love, mystery, and terror inspiring a true passion between Charmeine and I.

Charmeine and Tabbruis

EG: It was great speaking with you today. If you would like to share anything else please feel free to share it with us?


Just that our story has given a voice, picture and frame for telling of our life and love. It seems that even at the most desperate of hours, Charmeine and I have found the determination and hope to overcome our worst fears and enemies . . . But there is always going to be Evil on Earth. It is our job to combat the minions that inhabit the Earth.

EG: Maybe if you are not too busy, some of our guests in Mari Wells Vampire Wednesday blog would like to ask you a few questions also?


Yes, I would like to appease you and all the readers. I will answer any questions the audience would like to ask me. You are very kind indeed!


Character Introduction in “The Light-Bearer Series”

Tabbruis – Tabbruis is the man of my dreams!  Drop Dead Gorgeous and Grecian living statue is my Tabbruis!  He makes Charmeine heat up with just a look… heck I would too!

Dmitri – one of my favorite to die for characters!  OMG Dmitri is just to die for hotness and his story really picks up in the following novels!

Thomas –Love Thomas and his innocence.

Neal – is the wonderful HUGE Protector of the “Castle Charmeine!”

Shane – is just too yummy for words!

Sandra – Shane’s fiancé and spunky spitfire…

Last but not Least CHARMEINE!  She is light, love, honesty and courage wrapped into a package!

ANYONE who would like to have a FREE EBOOKS of “The Light-Bearer Series” can email Emily Guido at and in the Subject line put MARI WELLS VAMPIRE WEDNESDAY FREE EBOOKS!

**This is the last of “The Light-Bearer Series” Guest Posts. (Sad face) Emily, when you new book comes out, I hope you’ll come back and tell us about it. Everyone else, ask away, send your email into Emily for your free book.**

Hope you all have a wonderful Happy Thanksgiving! 

“The Light-Bearers Series” and “The Talk”

Let’s have ‘the sex talk’ about Vampires shall we?


Does “The Light-Bearer Series” Blood-Hunter/Vampires try to make like bunnies? Or do I coax the smexy out of my characters?

Tabbruis and Charmeine


“The Light-Bearer Series” is a YA love story about a sweet, innocent and somewhat playful romance between two star-crossed and totally different people, Tabbruis and Charmeine.  During “Charmeine,” “Mactus,” and “Accendo” I wrote a lot of backstory and history which explains why Tabbruis and the other men in the series are so damaged.

“Charmeine” the 1st Novel of “The Light-Bearer Series”


However, when Tabbruis and Charmeine meet in the first novel . . . the sparks just fly! It’s like an atomic bomb going off within them, but they both are scared and inexperienced with all these new feelings.  Neither believed they would EVER find true love!


I like to describe “The Light-Bearer Series” like building a Hot Fudge Sunday: ice cream (heaven), fudge (Tabbruis’ background), nuts (present day Tabbruis and Charmeine) and a cherry on top (their romance).  I pile more of the romance, of course, but a lot more reveals about the supporting characters, and a lot more revealed about Tabbruis and Charmeine . . . I thought as I was writing the novels, “Whew, these kids never catch a break?”

Dmitri Maximus


My favourite SMEXY Vampire of “The Light-Bearer Series” is Dmitri Maximus. Dmitri is so eye-popping GORGEOUS!  He is 6’4”, long black hair he ties back, deep blue eyes which could melt you to the ground, built with wonderful big muscles and abs… ahh, he’s an Adonis on Earth.  But he has a wicked sense of humour. It is so funny when he makes his standard comment . . . “Oh my…” It cracks me up. Dmitri is one of the oldest Blood-Hunters on Earth. He is very wise and Tabbruis’ best friend and calls him, Brother. He is also Charmeine’s trusted Advisor.


Why do women love the Blood-Hunters/Vampires in “The Light-Bearer Series”?


First of all, the men are ABSOLUTELY HANDSOME; hot on a stick doesn’t even explain it!

Tabbruis Hunter


Second, the men treat their woman like they are the only person on Earth. What woman wouldn’t like that?


Third, they are very lonely and/or damaged in some way. Blood-Hunters/Vampires live centuries and imagine what it would be like to not be with anyone during that time?  They have fated mates and no woman can take their place!


Fourth, the Blood-Hunters/Vampires are either good or exceedingly evil. The mirror image of good and bad makes us shutter.


Fifth, those vamps protect viciously their families.  They are a brotherhood which bands together when trouble strikes.


Sixth, they are vastly wealthy. I mean ‘buy a country’ wealthy. When they meet their mates, they want to spoil them rotten with everything. Money is no object.


Why do I love my Blood-Hunters/Vampires in “The Light-Bearer Series”?

I loved vampire stories ever since I was a little girl. My sister passed away from Leukemia, when I was a kid. She was at home for a time, and I kept her company. We had a little refrigerator filled with blood-bags that the visiting nurse would administer. I was fascinated how blood can give life. It is for her that I write these Paranormal Romances for my sis, Connie. She would have loved them so much. She was a huge fan of “Dark Shadows.”


I am drawn to Vampire Paranormal Romance.  However, been thinking of branching out in another vein or genre of Vampire Paranormal Erotic Romance.

I would like to THANK MARI WELLS for letting me invade her Vampire Wednesday Posts! If anyone wants a free ebook of “Charmeine” please email me at and mention in the subject line: MARI WELLS VAMPIRE WEDNESDAY…


The Men of “The Light-Bearer Series”

Computer difficulties don’t last forever.. (knock on wood) our awaited “The Light-Bearer Series” post is here.

Emily Guido’s Interview with the HOT MEN of the Castle Charmeine from The Light-Bearer Series

Emily: Ladies… I have been waiting for the interview for several days now. I didn’t know what to expect these gentlemen came in but I am pleasantly surprised to say the least… *swoon*…

Emily: Gentlemen Good Evening!
ALL: Good Evening.

Emily: Let me start out with a general question just to break the ice. Do all four of you live at the ‘Castle Charmeine’?
ALL: Yes.

The Castle Charmeine

The Castle Charmeine

Emily: Now, who originally owed Castle Charmeine?

Tabbruis: I think Dmitri should answer that one.

Dmitri (in a thick Romanian accent): Oh my… Well, you see my dear; I came to Romania a long time ago, millennia as a matter of fact. (Chuckling) I had many experiences there and some of the folks used to make up a scary bedtime story about me… the “Red Dragon” is what they called me. But then Tabbruis came and we began to share the Castle…

Emily: Excuse me? (Wide open eyes) What do you mean by “Red Dragon”?

Dmitri: Oh my… Well my dear that is “Dracul” to you and I.

Emily: Uh…Dracula?

Dmitri: Well my love if you think that, that’s fine with me… (and smiled with bright white teeth and long eye-teeth)



Emily: Oh! Well that’s okay… (a little scared… turning to Tabbruis now…) Tabbruis please tell me about you?

Tabbruis (in a slight European accent): I… well I am just a happy man now that I have Charmeine. She lights up my life. Before I was

Thomas: He was alone but not totally happy?

Tabbruis: Yes, quite right, not totally happy?



Emily: Well Thomas since you spoke up? How are you today?

Thomas: Yes, well… I’m fine. We are very busy at the Castle Charmeine. There are a lot of people there, and we constructing new rooms right now.

Neal (In a gruff African accent): My lover and husband, Hameal and I are constructing new additions to the Castle Charmeine… you three are trying not to get killed!

Tabbruis: That was Charmeine’s fault… she distracted me Neal.

Neal: That is no excuse for not paying attention; it was a power nail gun!



Neal and Hameal

Neal and Hameal



Emily (snickering): So I take it there was a mishap with a tool in the renovations?

Dmitri: Oh my… yes well, Tabbruis did not look where he was going and a nail shot Neal in the lower backside.

Thomas (laughing out loud): He shot him in the butt!

Dmitri: Oh my… yes but everything is fine. We, blood-hunters, heal very fast.

Tabbruis: Thank God for that!

Emily: So… on another subject… gentlemen, um tell me you are all so incredibly gorgeous, are all blood-hunters like you?

Dmitri: Oh my… well, I believe we are all classically handsome…
(giving a wink to EG… *she swoons*)

Tabbruis: Dmitri… I think she means that we are some sort of eye-candy for the ladies…

Dmitri: Oh my…

Thomas (Little squeak): I am… well yes ma’am… we are all… UGH!

Neal: Yes! I believe all blood-hunters are pretty good looking and incredibly gorgeous too!

Tabbruis: You would!!! Neal! (Rolling his eyes)

Emily: I’m getting something of an undercurrent to this question? Is there?

Dmitri: Oh well my love, we are all good-looking to the ladies… very much so.

Thomas: But we didn’t ask to be so good-looking… I guess it comes just natural?

Emily (fanning myself with my notebook): You all… I mean are all Blood-Hunters good-looking?

Tabbruis: Well women seem to be naturally attracted to us.

The MEN of the Castle Charmeine

group pic
  Dmitri                 Thomas                       Tabbruis                          Neal

Emily (gets a drink of water… starting to get dizzy looking at these wowser men): How could women not be attracted?

Neal (gruffly): Don’t look!

Thomas: She is a human woman. She cannot help but be attracted. Neal, just because you are not attracted to her does not mean she cannot look.

Neal: Well, I am certainly no one’s eye candy!

Dmitri: Oh my…

Emily: Have you had women falling over you before?

Tabbruis: Many times… but I waited millennia for Charmeine, my love!

Thomas: I’ve… I’m taking the fifth on that!

Dmitri: Oh my!

Neal: Never, thank God!

Emily (pulling my hair up and taking a big gulp of water): Tabbruis, can you tell me your favorite past time at the Castle Charmeine?

Tabbruis: That’s easy, spoiling my love, Charmeine. We have two horses, Tristan and Isolde, which we ride and go down to our private beach. Tabbruis smiled in revelry.


Emily: Private beach?

Dmitri: The Castle Charmeine has a beach flanking its property on one side, so we ride out there every chance we get.

Neal: Yes, Tabbruis and Charmeine are out there quite a lot.

Tabbruis: I will have to admit that Charmeine and I love the beach. I just want her to happy. I love Charmeine so much…

Thomas, Dmitri and Neal: We know!!!

Emily: Well, on that thought, (wetting my lips down and fanning myself) I will end this lovely interview. It certainly has been fun interviewing the “HOT MEN FROM CASTLE CHARMEINE!”

“The Light=Bearer Series” Characters

Thanks to Emily Guido, for another amazing guest post on her book series…. “The Light-Bearer Series”

I wanted to give you a little insight about the characters in “The Light-Bearer Series”
Get to know the gang at The Castle Charmeine…
Drop Dead Gorgeous and Grecian living statue come to life is Tabbruis!


Tabbruis is the man of my dreams! He has deep, hypnotic green, emerald eyes that can make a girl melt. Kind and honest to a fault, he is The King of the Blood-Hunters!
With a little hint of a Middle-East accent, Tabbruis has a lovely bass voice. However, he can speak almost any language even with the proper dialect.
He was a loner for thousands of years. Very wealthy and rich beyond anyone has a clue at, he usually doesn’t splurge on himself.
Tabbruis makes Charmeine heat up with just a look! Heck, I would too! He is brave and bold, but shy too. Ah, the sweetness… He is a perfect gentleman, but somehow, he makes big mistakes.
He relishes having his Charmeine in his arms! Now, he loves to spoil Charmeine rotten with any luxury he can think of.

Tabbruis Car - Dodge Charger
Tabbruis loves Charmeine and his family, but he’s a little soft for his muscle car… 2013 Dodge Charger SRT8, AWD with a Hemi Engine with 465 horses.
Tabbruis has a built in radar detector with his Blood-Hunter senses and can race through New York City without getting a ticket!

However, Tabbruis also loves his horses, Tristan and Isolde too. Charmeine has fell in love with them as well! Of course Tristan is the black horse that Tabbruis rides and Isolde is the white horse that Charmeine has.Tristan and Isolde
Tristan is always itching to race, but Isolde won’t let him have the upper hand, so to speak! Tabbruis and Charmeine have a blast racing the beautiful animals across the countryside.


One of my favorite to die for characters!
OMG!! Dmitri is just “Hotness on a stick!”
He is exact, bold and unbelievably sexy! Dmitri is the one of the oldest of the Blood-Hunters in the world.
He is wise and helps Tabbruis and Charmeine with his knowledge. He was named as the trusted ‘Advisor’ to Charmeine. He runs or is the Administrator of the “Castle Charmeine.”
On the other hand, Dmitri can come out with the funniest comments! He is known for his signature and snarky… ‘Oh my’ His story really picks up with steamy scenes in the following novels!

Hera is Dmitri’s beloved and gorgeous Grecian wife who comes back into his life and they mix it up!
But Dmitri is also a family man who is devoted to his children, Percival and the darling Athena!




(Dmitri and Hera’s Son)
(Dmitri and Hera’s Daughter)


The lovely and strikingly beautiful young woman is a new addition to the members of Castle Charmeine.
Her powers with ESP and Telekinesis have qualified her to be a the resident Sorceress of the Castle Charmeine.
When she meets Percival, sparks fly…literally!


I love Thomas and his innocence, but truly, he is an Adonis. Golden Brown hair and wonderful sky blue eyes… ahh….
His mission is avenging the death of his precious Laura who was killed; get this…by his own Father, the evil Pascal, the Head of the Elder Council!
He is a very loving and faithful man. He tries so hard to make up for the terrible Blood-Hunter father he had, Pascal, who is terrorizing and threatening the inhabitants of the “Castle Charmeine.”
Thomas is a very conservative and faithful Blood-Hunter and used to serve as a Deacon in the Catholic Church.
Nevertheless, Thomas has a deep secret he carries and when it is revealed… it will leave you reeling.


Laura is the smart, sassy and extremely intelligent Doctor of Castle Charmeine. She is an extremely good physician but her bedside manner is not to be found when she is in an emergency!
Laura has been on the Earth for thousands of years as a Light-Bearer. She has been taking care of people for as long as she has been on Earth. Sometimes with a snarky comment, her humor is always on the mark.
However, Laura has a dark and frightening past, and Thomas is her savior.


NealNeal (aka Nemamiah)

Neal (aka Nemamiah) is the wonderful HUGE Protector of the “Castle Charmeine!” Neal is from Africa and has a thick accent with a booming deep bass voice.
He is at least 7 foot tall and is just a cuddly teddy bear of the family but he can also rip your arm off yawning! STRONG MAN!
His bald head and intimidating stature makes him a perfect military man.
He is incredibly gorgeous, but ladies… sorry, Neal has a love and his name is Hameal! Murdered by the evil Elder Council, Hameal was Neal’s heart. So Neal is out to avenge his gorgeous lover’s death!

OMG! What a hunk!
Hameal is from Egypt, and before he met his lover, Neal, he was a builder of the Pharaohs.
Now, he is a builder, architect and designer of the Castle Charmeine.
In addition, he is a wonderful friend to Charmeine, as they always have their heads together chatting about something… usually gossip.
Ladies, this is the man to have on your side when good times are to be had!



Shane is just too yummy for words!
He is always cracking jokes and provides much comic relief but he is also built like a Viking Warrior!
He has long red hair, crystal clear blue eyes and built like a brick house! Shane has all the characteristics of his mother, Charmeine, a Light-Bearer and his father, Tabbruis, a Blood-Hunter.
He is strong in wisdom and is fiercely in love with his soul mate Sandra Gomez.
They are such a wonderful and dynamic couple!


Shane’s fiancee and spunky spitfire!
Sandra Gomez is 100 pounds of dynamite! She can do almost anything and is afraid of nothing.
She grew up in the Bronx barely surviving and went into the Army where she was recruited into Special Ops. That is where she met her soul mate Shane. They fell instantly in love and care for each other deeply.
She is a Light-Bearer and a Flame-Bearer also.
Also, she has a ‘killing’ sense of humor all wrapped up in one hell of a Feisty woman.
The Men at the Castle Charmeine are truly amazed by this smart, beautiful and deadly adversary!


CharmeineLast but not least, CHARMEINE!
(aka Charleen, mild-mannered grade school teacher)
When Charmeine meets Tabbruis, it is like two stars colliding. The scene is electric with desire, attraction and heat!
She is light, love, honesty, beauty and courage wrapped into one package. Also, she is hot-tempered, jealous and blows up at times.
Loving and accepting of all the family at the Castle Charmeine. She draws them to her. She is also fiercely protective of Tabbruis and her family.
When Charmeine realizes her role as the Queen of the Light-Bearers, she takes the responsibility of saving humankind from all of Lucifer’s minions on Earth!

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Emily Guido and The Light-Bearer series

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“The Light-Bearer Series”

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Tabbruis is a Blood-Hunter, he drinks blood to survive. Over eight-thousand years he has wondered the Earth alone aimlessly living through many historical events.
Charmeine just came to the Earth in 1997. Little did she know her destiny was to be Queen of all the Light-Bearers.
When Tabbruis meets Charmeine the attraction is immediate and passionate. They are polar opposites and clash together in a strongly romantic and dramatic way.
Charmeine’s powers as a Light-Bearer, one who throws lightning is triggered and grows exponentially when she meets Tabbruis.
Charmeine and Tabbruis soon find out they are caught in an epic battle to free the Earth from the evil forces.

Bloody Snippet of
2nd book in
“The Light-Bearer Series”



“Shane, I know Tabbruis was not telling us the truth,” Charmeine looked him in eyes. “Something is not right. Whatever happens, you must take cover. Your father and I have powers and can protect ourselves and you. Do not interfere! Stay safe!”

Shane started to refuse.

“Promise me! I can’t lose you, Shane. Please promise me now!”

“Yeah, I promise. Chill Char, it will be fine.” Shane rolled his eyes.

Neal slowly opened the door to the limo.

Suddenly, two Blood-Hunters came out of nowhere and began to attack.
Charmeine flew out of the limo to help. In a blink, the Blood-Hunter who attacked her before grabbed her. Now, there were three Blood-Hunters.



She surprised him with a rising knee strike aimed at his chest throwing him back. Her hands lit up with white electricity. “Touch me one more time, and you are dead!” She swung a swiping kick to his jaw, and it made the Blood-Hunter turn like a top.

At the worst time possible, Shane got out of the limo.

The Blood-Hunter ran and put him in a choke hold as Shane struggled to be released.

Neal and Tabbruis were still fighting the other two Blood-Hunters.

When Tabbruis saw Shane in the Blood-Hunter’s grasp, he screamed, “NO!”

Charmeine thought the only thing she could do was to get help. She threw a shock to the Blood-Hunter battling Tabbruis.

Then he savagely bit into the attacker’s jugular. Blood spewed and poured out of him so fast they knew he would be dead in a minute.

Seeing this, the Blood-Hunter holding Shane became angry. He twisted Shane’s head back exposing his neck ready to dig into his neck.

Tabbruis jumped high into the air landing his boot into his face.
He let Shane go reeling from the kick.



“Now Charmeine!” Tabbruis yelled.

She threw a powerful strand of lightning at the Blood-Hunter.

He avoided it by jumping up out of the way.

Again, she threw another lightning shock and this time, it impacted him. The white lightning penetrated his body, and he lurched in pain as smoke arose from his charred clothes.

Shane started to attack him.

“Get on the plane now, Sergeant Kelly!” Charmeine shouted.

Shane didn’t want to retreat, but he ran into the jet looking out of a window.
Neal, Tabbruis and Charmeine stood by the plane.

The two Blood-Hunters left started to laugh.

The second Blood-Hunter got out a handgun and fired off two shots at Tabbruis and Neal. With superhuman speed, they ducked to avoid the shots.

During the distraction, the Blood-Hunter who attacked Charmeine at Jones Beach seized her and sunk his long fangs in her neck.

Shane ran to save his mother.



But Neal stopped him. “We have to battle the other Blood-Hunter! You will be their next target! Get on the plane, Shane!”

Begrudgingly, he raced back up into the plane. Charmeine was his responsibility and damned if he wasn’t going to help her.

Tabbruis stepped forward, but Neal held him back also.

The other Blood-Hunter walked to his friend whose teeth were still in Charmeine’s neck. Still brandishing the gun, he smiled as he bragged, “This was easier than I thought it would be, Brother.”

All of a sudden, a shot rang out. The Blood-Hunter with the gun had been shot with a bullet between the eyes. As he fell back, blood poured like a small fountain out of his head.

Neal and Tabbruis looked around and saw Shane behind them holding a large fifty caliber handgun like a sharpshooter.

All three ran to the Blood-Hunter holding Charmeine.

He lifted his mouth off of her neck. “If you walk another step near me, I will drink the last of her sweet blood.”
I LOVE “The Light-Bearer Series” TRAILER!
Blood-Hunter’s are so
Vicious, Animal, Feral
while being capable
of great hate or love…

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About the Author:
One day Emily was inspired to write “The Light-Bearer Series” because she wanted to tell the story of a love which has survived Heaven and Hell.
The novels “Charmeine,” “Mactus,” “Accendo,” “Seditious,” and “Ransom,” are spell-binding, romantic and action-packed.
Emily is currently writing “Conundrum” the Sixth Novel in “The Light-Bearer Series.”
She works at full time and will obtain her Master of Business Administration in 2014.
“The Light-Bearer Series” is a Young Adult, Paranormal Romance series packed with action, romance and history.
“Charmeine” is rated Number #2 Best Little Known Authors Category and Number #13 in the Best Independent Novels Category on Goodreads.

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