The Curse

Werewolves of the past were created 1 of 2 ways.
Bites weren’t a part of this either.

A person could choose to become a werewolf and search for a witch to perform the required spells.


Or a witch could curse someone to become a werewolf.

There are spells, chants, potions and special rituals that can change (or force) someone to become a werewolf. Various spells or incantations along with recipes for or ointments can be found in very old witchcraft books.


Let’s change this up a bit…No stop yelling it’s still about vampires. I would never take your loved Vampire Wednesday away from you vampire-holics.
We’re still in Ireland…
Ireland has so many vampires and vampire like beings a vampire-phile like me feels like I’ve died and gone to vamprie heaven…or hell…or….anyways. I’m so happy right now with all my Irish vampires. *Sigh*

Okay, let’s get on to the vampires…

The Vampire Dog of Ennerdale.

In May of 1810 in the town of Ennerdale (located near the English and Scottish border) was the first report of animal hunting sheep. Soon the animal was described as a large dog whose tracks were long and deeply set in the ground. Its reported that it killed 6-8 sheep a night, ripping holes in their throats and draining their blood.

None of the carcasses were ever found eaten or even partially eaten. In early September of that same year a large black dog was seen in a cornfield and shot. The killings stopped for a short time then started again, this time in Ireland. The idea of a wolf was quickly dismissed as the last one was seen back in 1712. The vampire dog was blamed, reports of it killing as many as 30 sheep a night now, it’s hunger obviously having increased.
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The sheep were killed exactly the same as they had been in England. Their throats had been ripped out and the carcasses drained of blood. The paw prints were also described as those from England, long deep and with obvious claws.
On April 11 the large dog was shot again, this time by the archbishop, ten years later it was spotted again a hundred miles away. The cycle of finding drained sheep, sighting the dog, shooting and killing, after a few days the dog would be seen again some hundred miles later repeated.

In Limerick, Ireland it bit a man who shortly afterwards went insane and was admitted to Ennis Insane Asylum. In 1874 the dog was shot again, everyone waited for him to reappear. He never did, until nearly 30 yrs later. On Novemeber 1 1905 The London Mail reported that sheep were found slaughtered(their throats were ripped out and they’d been drained) in Badminton.
The dog was reported as being shot and killed near Gloucester on November 25, again on December 16 in Hinton. On March 19 1906, 51 sheep were killed on one night near Guildford. That was the last report of the vampire dog. Throughout the last killing spree a hyena and a panther were blamed, they were said to have escaped from a menagerie. There were no reports of such animals escaping any zoo.

During the 65 years the Vampire Dog of Ennerdale killed 237,250 sheep, that averages 10 sheep a night. If these numbers are correct the vampire dog consumed 1,594,320 liters of blood. That’s enough to fill 2 Olympic-sized swimming pools. The Vampire Dog roamed England Scottland and Ireland from 1810-1874 and again briefly from 1905-1906

Too Cute Vampire Dogs…Which do you prefer?

Get him out of the sun!

Get him out of the sun!

Look at those fangs and eyes!

Look at those fangs and eyes!

A true vampire, cape, red eyes, and a coffin!

A true vampire, cape, red eyes, and a coffin!

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