The color red is believed to protect against evil in many cultures. Red ribbons are worn as amulets to protect from vampires, evil spirits, evil eye, bewitchment, and other evil or demonic attacks.

Salvic lore believes the red corpse is a tall tale sign of them person tell tale sign of vamirism.

red ribbon

Oak Apples

Have you ever thought this kid must be bewitched? It was a common concern long ago, that and being struck with evil eye.
To determine whether a child had been inflicted with either three Oak apples were cut from the oak. Oak apples were galls created by the larva of a particular wasp.oak apple1


After cutting the Oak apples from the tree, they were dropped into a large bucket or pail full of water and placed under the child’s cradle. If they floated, all was good, but if they sank, the child was bewitched.
This had to be done in absolute silence to get accurate results.



You can read more about  Oak Apples I got images here too.