Have you ever gone berserk? Has anyone ever told you you’re going berserk?

This phrase comes from old European tribes of warriors called Berserks or in the Old Norse Berserkir.


These warriors would allow their emotions usually rage, or joy of a savage battle to take them over. They’d toss their armor and go into battle wearing only bearskin shirts.

German tribes wore bearskins to honor the goddess Ursel – The She Bear. They believed the bear was skilled in martial arts. The most formidable challenge a warrior could face was a She-Bear protecting her cubs.

Viking Berserkirs dressed in wolf skins. They’d rush into battle howling like wolves. This was in hopes of “warning” the enemy that they were a cross of man and animal and they’d soon be more vicious as they became more animal. The Berserkirs totem animal was a wolf.

** This month’s Full Moon is Called Hunter’s Moon. **