Talking Reincarnation with Nicohle Christopherson

I’m so honored to have Nicohle here again, (she did a series in October for Witch Month). Today she’s talking about reincarnation. Reincarnation is widely accepted as the belief that not only is there life after death, but there is another life entirely, upon this earth. While some definitions state that you become an animal, a plant, or a person, others deem that people only reincarnate to people, and animals to animals. Personally, I’ve come to a much more robust conclusion. I’ll be sharing today my personal beliefs about how the universe works, and how reincarnation happens. This is a very personal system that I am sharing with you, and if you find truth in it, or feel that it fits your own beliefs, then please, feel free to take it as gospel. If you think it is trash, please, feel free to let me know your beliefs in the comments. That way, we can all learn together.

Now, for those who ask me what exactly my version of reincarnation is, I start with explaining what I believe in as a deity. You see, I believe that every religion is right. You heard me, EVERY religion. Satanism, Christianity, Buddhism, Shintoism, Shamanic Practices, and so on and so forth. Every single one is right. All of their gods exist. They are, in fact, the faces of one all-encompassing Deity.

Deity, as I call it, is in fact not only the faces of every single god/goddess/spirit/etc. But also, a collective of all of the souls on the planet. My favorite way of expressing this is to say that “Every single soul is Divine, and is a part of Deity, and so, we are all Gods in ourselves.” A lot of this, is of course, the result of studying various forms of Christianity, Buddhism, and other religions in order to discover my own personal beliefs. This was encouraged from early teen-hood by my mother, who, as you may know by now, was the one to guide me into my path of white witchery.

Each and every soul is on earth in order to learn something. This lesson that the soul is attempting to learn could be just about anything. Perhaps you were sent to learn the exact perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe. Perhaps you were sent back in order to learn that you are a creature worthy of love. Perhaps you were sent back in order to learn how to NOT kill your friends. Some might be sent to learn Humility, some to learn Confidence, some to learn how to finally read, some to learn to look up from books. Once you learn this lesson, you are allowed to finish out your life, and then, you return to Deity.

These lessons are your key. During the time you live on earth, your actions teach you, your actions teach others, and in the end, they earn you Karma (* Karma -Nicohle also wrote this post*), which is then used in all future lives. During these journeys upon earth, you meet others, and you grow your web of connections, your familial bonds, your loves and hates and everything about you. Once you shuffle from the mortal coil, you return to Deity. Those lessons, those connections, are shared within the entirety of Deity, and everyone that comes after has these lessons within them as well. They may need to learn them for themselves, but that’s for them to find. After you are done sharing, perhaps you need to take a rest, spend some time learning all that Deity has learned since you were born. Once your soul has been reabsorbed into Deity, a new soul is split off. Part you, part whoever else was with Deity at the time, part something new, you return to earth, to be born as some other person. Time lines mean nothing. You could be born as your previous incarnations mother/father. You could be born seven thousand years before your previous incarnation, or after. It doesn’t matter. The fact of the matter is, Deity is all of us, and we are all Deity, therefore, you could end up being anyone or anything! That’s the fun of it.

Now you’ll notice a few serious discrepancies between my personal viewpoint of reincarnation and those other mainstream views on it. Mostly, this massive proto-soul that is Deity. But it isn’t something as terrible as you might think. Basically, why shouldn’t every god be real? Why shouldn’t we be little gods ourselves? At what point did our self-esteem collectively fall so low that we cannot see the Divinity in ourselves? Why do we push away the thought that we are all, and that everyone else is within us at the same time. Unity has fallen to the wayside and we have come to separate ourselves from our fellow everything, people, animals, Earth itself.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and feel, just for a moment, that your self is expanding. That you are growing inside the skin that you were born into, and that it no longer encompasses you so completely. Imagine and feel that warm, flickering touch of something greater, something magical and familiar yet wholly new. Imagine that this familiarity is bred from a knowledge that this creature, this cosmic being, is you. But not only you, you as you could be, as you always were, as you always will be.

THAT is the touch of Deity. That is what I believe cradles us all when our mortal coil is actually removed from ourselves, and when we finally, finally get to return home. That is the peace that catholic priests find in their prayers, that Shinto shrine maidens feel while performing their cleansing rites, and that a witch feels when she calls upon her goddesses. This is not false, this is not fake, this is belief, and you have it, although you may not think on it much. You believe that your car will run. You believe that the trees will turn green after winter ends. You believe that you’ll receive and give a smile today. We all have beliefs. There is nothing at all that can stop us. Wars have broken out, trying to stop beliefs, and martyrs have died in the name of theirs. Belief is the most important, most beautiful thing in the world, second only to choice.

I believe in all of us. I believe that we are all Divine, and we are all fallible and human. I believe that beyond our mortal lives, we have more and thousands of lives to live, all shared with everyone around us. These are my beliefs, and I’m happy to share them. Please, don’t forget to share your own down below.

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It’s this a great post. One that will really get you thinking. I agree with a lot of what Nicohle has said. I read somewhere once last year something very similar to Nicohle’s thought of every one of us being a part of the divine. This article stated we all had a piece of the divine within us. I think I’d agree.

Chat with a Kitchen Witch

Nicohle responded to my “Where My Witches At?” queries. We chatted and agreed to a few posts. When she sent me this entry, I was amazed, it felt like we were chatting over a cup of tea or coffee (or in my case both, coffee then tea).
Thank you Nicohle for a wonderful chat, and being a part of witch month.

Here you all go, a chat with a Kitchen witch about being a kitchen witch.

“Double, Double Toil and Trouble;
Fire burn and Cauldron bubble.” – Shakespeare, Macbeth

In an era of movies such as “Practical Magic”, “The Coven”, and “Hocus Pocus”, a lot of people forget that magic, in it’s essence, is simply ritual. The flash of powder into a fire, or the smell of acrid smoke, none of that is necessary. Kitchen Witchery, when it boils down to it, is belief and process. That’s it. You believe that what you’re doing will work. You research the process. You complete the process. And then, magic happens. These are the rules a kitchen witch lives by.

Oh, that’s not to say you can just believe a ‘wingardium leviosa’ will get that dusty old box down from the attic, of course. But belief in what you’re doing will get you just about anywhere. As a saleswoman, when I’m selling a piece of jewelry, I believe that this is the right piece for my guest, and that this piece will be going home with them. Most of the time? I’m right! As an author, I believe that my book will find like-minded individuals. Of course, everyone knows I’m right on that one, don’t we?

There are thousands of reasons to practice Kitchen Witchery, so I’ll give you a small dose of my own. That way, perhaps, you can decide if it’s right for you. After all, if you choose a path that isn’t for you, you can do things that might permanently hurt you, emotionally, mentally, or karmically. It’s always best to weigh your options before you decide on something.

When I was young, my mother hopped from religion to religion, as if searching for something that would lead her to salvation from the life she’d lead. I’d jump with her, suffering through baptism after baptism, sermon after sermon, none feeling like anything more than a thin flea-ridden blanket against the cold of existance.

The summer of my twelfth year, we finally got a computer. This computer lead to an explosion of information in my family (and a chatroom addiction for myself), which lead to my mother joining several groups. Don’t ask me how this lead her to the wiccan/pagan community, but the fact is, she took us children with her. That summer, I wrote my first book of shadows, which was mostly just printed out pages from the group-archives, 3-hole-punched, and then handwritten when I had the time. Rituals, lists of meanings for stones and herbs, prayers to goddesses three-fold and lords of the hunt. My personal favorites were the guided-meditations that took me into Faeryland.

So like the ancient witches of old, I was brought into paganism by my mother. However, I was left to develop my very own personal beliefs, my own ideology and theology. This is how I came upon kitchen witchery. The few times my family, acting as a little coven, performed big, powerful rituals, I felt out of place. Constantly worried that I would mess it up somehow, or upset the gods we spoke with. But when cooking, I would count out turns of three, left, right, left, and the meals would be more delicious. At least, to me. Giving small gifts away brought back three fold returns. All Hallow’s Eve was more exciting when one was giving away candy, because you never knew who it was at the door; a spirit? A god?

I am a kitchen witch, because making a good stew to help with a cold feels right. I am a kitchen witch, because drying orange peels to make a charm for success has never seemed silly to me. I am a kitchen witch, because the subtle, simple things make me happiest, and feed my spirit. And that’s what’s important in any religion, belief system, or practice. Do what feeds your spirit.

You might be asking now, well, how can you be a kitchen witch? What do you do? Let me give you a small recipe for Kitchen Witchery, and a few resources as well. That way, you too can start your journey to simple, joyful practice.

The Kitchen Witch
1 part Recipes – Hand written, found on the internet, full of herbs and symbolism.
2 parts Rituals – Carefully planned, simple and devoted.
5 parts Belief – Well-thought out, Well-studied, and Well-worn.
3 parts Karma – What is given will come back three fold. Good, bad, and indifferent.
1 part Knowledge – Gathered freely all around the internet, from other practitioners and from books.
Gather Knowledge and combine appropriate bits with belief, separating out the bad from the good by carefully studying each kernel. This can be accomplished by watching and testing each kernel, to make sure that it fits what needs to be in the recipe.
Combine Recipes, Rituals, and Belief every day, in small doses. For spice, you can add Family, Friends, and Gifts to taste. Make sure that these ingredients fit well with the taste of the recipe, or it might turn sour.
Take care with the Karma, and add it to the bowl, stirring slowly and carefully, while thinking about what it is you wish to accomplish. Not what you wish to gain, but what you wish to accomplish. Make sure to take your time with this step, because you can never mix it too well.
Blend everything together, and make every day. A delicious sweet comfort food that is sure to make your life better every single day!
As you can see, a lot of fun can be had. Kitchen Witchery is nothing overly dignified, and certainly isn’t the kind of religion that requires massive ceremony. In fact, anyone can be a practicing kitchen witch, without any sign. The difference, however, between this sort of Witchery and Wiccanism, or other forms of paganism is just that. Simplicity.

A normal Wiccan/Pagan ritual requires things like candles, circles, calling upon gods and spirits and beasts. A normal Kitchen Witch ritual requires a small chant, a few deep breaths, and the right thoughts. The acronym KISS works very well for Kitchen Witchery. Keep it Simple, Silly. If you need good luck? Look up a few good crystals for it, and wear them. Need health? Add a few herbs to your dinner, or drink good tea.

For those Christians who might be reading this, please be aware, that any kitchen witch might believe in any god. Yes, there might be those who believe in the Christian Yahweh. In the end, Kitchen Witchery has to do with the old ways. The old witches who gave out poultices and teas to heal illness.

So how do you know if you’re a kitchen witch? Simple. Does it feel good, when you stand in the morning light, to whisper a small thank you while sipping a nice tea? Do you enjoy picking herbs from your garden, or thinking about how healthy your family will be, once you feed them this nice meal? Is there a small happiness that grows, when those you love are healthy and happy and wise? This is how a Kitchen Witch lives. This is what she thrives on. And once you find yourself in those pointy-toed-shoes and mumbling over a boiling pot, often times? You’ll feel even more powerful than Dumbledore or Gandalf.
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