Zodiac :: Virgo

August 24 through September 22

The Virgin of the zodiac

Virgo is great at analyzing, critiquing, scheduling, perfectionist, oversensitive, creative, love to organize and plan, intelligent, diligent, analytical, self-sufficient, controlled, orderly, observant, patient, cheerful, agreeable, sesible, discreet, wellspoken, wise, witty, and charming.

They are prone to OCD symptoms, shrewd, judicious, fussiness, coldness, and hypochondria.

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They have graceful figure, roundish head, full delicate lips, perfect teeth, clear complexion, large eyes, small symmetrical features, high forehead, thin nose, thin eyebrows, coarsely textured hair, slightly above average height.

Compatible with Aries, Taurus.


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Zodiac :: Leo

July 22 to August 23
Leo is the Lion of the zodiac.

Leos are the egotistical, prideful, likes when a spouse or lover put them on pedestals, they like drama, duration, gifts, fun, live for love and appreciation, willing to give but don’t like it when they’re asked for things in return, noble, honest, self-motivated, charismatic, warmhearted, creative, ambitious, courageous, strong-willed, independent, self-confident, self-controlled.
They have a strong personal magnetism that pulls people to them.
Leos enjoy risky endeavors, nature, the outdoors, and dancing, they’re passionate about luxury, and have unlimited sexual lust.









They can be touchy, conceited, gullible, bullies, rigid, intolerant, inpatient, bossy, very direct, proud, like to compete, gamblers. They hate loss of power.
Leo is a born leader.

Compatible with Scorpio, Capricorn, other Leos.

It’s believed they have a kind face, round his head, trim hips, thin light hair, trusting eyes, thick well formed eyebrows, large even spaced teeth, straight nose, average or slightly above average height.

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