Tools Of A Witch Part 2

The first part of this series can be found Part 1
A witch usually has an alter, there are tools that are almost always on the alter.

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In religious ceremonies the altar is the most sacred spot. Tools displayed on the altar depending on the witch’s tradition. Tools the witch will need for that particular ritual are on altar. Seasonal objects can decorate the altar along with images of totem animals, familiars and deities. A goblet, sword or knife, a bowl of salt and another with water, candles and figures of the God and Goddess.

Altar Candles
Some solitaries have one candle their altar candle. Most covens have two candles: God and Goddess candles. Usually altar candles are white but can be other colors according to season or type of magic being worked.

Altar Cloth
A cloth to cover the altar laid before the tools. Most cloths are white. Some witches have a lot of cloths, of various colors according to the season. Not all witches use an altar cloth.

A double edged blade used to cut strings or other tools. Also used to carve symbols into candles during candle magic. Not used for cutting physical objects. Used for casing circles and “cutting.” Can be used in place of sword or wand.
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The ringing of bells was thought to send away evil spirits. Has been used for thousands of years. Bells are hung around the neck of cattle and other domestic animals for this purpose. Bells were also hung from clothing for this same reason. A bell on a shop door isn’t to notify the shopkeeper of a costumer but to keep evil out of the shop.
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Censer Thurible
Holds incense and dispenses smoke.

Another name for the ritual goblet.

Animal Ancestors

Can you hear them? They’re singing their song to the Full Moon. Yes, it’s time for another Wolf’s Moon.

The Wolf's Moon
A common Native American myth states that in the beginning humans were like animals and animals were like humans.

South American mythologies state in the beginning people were animals but also human. Meaning the spiritual side of humans found their first homes within animal forms.

There are numerous stories from Native American tribes across North America telling of were-men, bear-men, and cougar-men and all sorts of were-creatures.

There are also stories of women giving birth to man-beasts and tribesmen taking animals as wives.

Ancient cultures throughout the world form totem clans and claimed an animal ancestor as the progenitor of their clan. Many tribes in Europe and the Americas believe their ancestors were wolves.
Recent research shows our association with wolves began over 140,000 years ago.


As time passed clans began to form beliefs that other animals were their ancestors. These other animals were respected and chosen for natural abilities. The strength of a bear, ape, the grace of a deer, swan.

**Strangely enough this month’s Full Moon is called Wolf’s Moon.**