Santa’s Treats

Hey everyone.

Pen and Muse just published one of my short stories.

A Christmas story for their 12 Days of Christmas

Santa’s Treats Is kind of scary, creepy or just plain gross as one of my beta readers said.

I promise you’ll think about Santa in a different way after you read it though.

My story is live in “The Dark Carnival”

The wonderful Jolene and Kristen from Pen and Muse decided to run a “Dark Carnival”
Macabre, Dark, spooky, scary….. that’s what they wanted!

So, I thought and thought and came up with a spooky, creepy, scary story.

If you dare to read it…..

Strong Man

Beware! It’s scary!

Update and “Caged”

Hey everyone,

I have a super important update for you all.
Since January I’ve been working with a wonderful group of writers at a great site called The Darker Half.

It’s now official. My story is now live on the site…
Please head over to The Darker Half read my story and give me some love there too.




***UPDATE*** Link no longer active!