December 2013 Paranormal Underground

Sorry for the delay, it’s been a crazy month.

I have two articles in Paranormal Underground Magazine’s  December 2013 issue.

A vampire article

Tlahuelpuchi Aztec Vampire Witch

and an article on a Latin American form of witchcraft called Curanderismo.

The Healing Practice of Curanderismo

As always you can read the magazine here in your browser, download a copy for yourself, or buy a subscription.
If you’d like a hard copy you can get it Here



Paranormal Underground Magazine January’s issue will be available in the Apple Store. I’ll give you the info as soon as I have it.


Wishing you all a Happy Successful New Year!

The Struggle! Update!

If you remember a few days ago I posted the cover of “The Struggle”
It is now on amazon…

A total of 27 writers are in this Anthology. It’s a great read.

I have a poem and a short story in it.

It’s about life’s struggles and all profits go to help struggling authors.

My story is live in “The Dark Carnival”

The wonderful Jolene and Kristen from Pen and Muse decided to run a “Dark Carnival”
Macabre, Dark, spooky, scary….. that’s what they wanted!

So, I thought and thought and came up with a spooky, creepy, scary story.

If you dare to read it…..

Strong Man

Beware! It’s scary!

The Struggle Anthology

The great Sheila Hall decided to put together an Anthology.

She asked some brilliant writers to give her a story or poem.

Well of course I had to be a part of this, so I gave her a poem “A New Way” and a story “Insomnia”.

The Struggle

The Struggle

The Struggle has some media places

There’s an awesome giveaway on The FB page.