The Devil’s Masquerade : Book Review

The Devil’s Masquerade by Nina Mason
Book 3 of the Royal Pains Series finds Maggie and Robert, Duke and Duchess of Dunwoody and their only child now live at royal court. Now five years where book 2 left off.
Maggie’s father has just been named king the coronation will be taking place shortly, but life hasn’t been happy for them and it won’t be happy down the road either.
During the five years we’re away from the couple, the Crown has passed from Maggie’s uncle to her father. It has gone from Protestant to Catholic, but not all of England is happy to have a Catholic King. Disputes and violence has been raging since we left the Duke and Duchess and it still rages now.
These are only part of the troubles they’ve had since we’ve been gone. They have suffered miscarriages and stillbirth. Their only surviving child wee Jamie is now 4 months old.
We can only hope this book of the series gives us a happy story, but it doesn’t. Not only is the above the climate of the times Maggie is in, there is a smallpox epidemic. Robert catches it and we’re left hoping that wee Jaime doesn’t.
As Robert fights for his life and Maggie fights to keep him alive the babe is left in the care of the court’s nursery maids. Luckily Robert survives, with Maggie’s loving care. There is a chance that wee Jamie may catch the pox. Robert’s doctor won’t try a controversial procedure to save the baby from the possible chance of catching it. Robert has to tell Maggie about the nurse now apothecary that cared for him (in book 2) and hope she will be willing to do the procedure.
Of course the Apothecary will if she is given what she wants since she met Robert, a night of passion with him.
Maggie and Robert and the Apothecary agree to a night of passion between the three. There is a surprise guest though.
In honesty, I feel this book of the series has a less sex in it than the other books, but the sex scenes in The Devil’s Masquerade are well worth each word.
I highly recommend this novella to anyone who likes historical romance or erotic.

About the author
Nina Mason is an incurable romantic who strives to write the same

kind of books she loves to read: those that entertain, edify, educate,

and enlighten.

The Devil’s Masquerade is the third book in her Royal Pains series and her sixth book overall. Her

seventh book, Dark and Stormy Knight, the second installment in her Knights of Avalon series, will

be released by Lyrical/Kensington on Jan. 5.