Vampire Cure???

According to eastern European folklore a vampire’s blood is magically potent and very dangerous.

When vampires were exhumed to be staked or cut up, the living had to be extra careful not to get sprayed.


It was believed that the living would go insane or die instantly.

Vampire corpses were covered, before staking to protect the living. On lookers stood at a distance.

Vampire blood would be used as a charm or amulet, and as a curse.
A common belief was a vampire’s blood could heal. Vampire victims would cover themselves with a vampire’s blood or drink it. To be released from the curse.

Yes! Drink Vampire’s Blood.

According to accounts this remedy didn’t work. Those who tried this remedy only became vampires themselves.

Another way to cure vampirism is with ashes.

5 thoughts on “Vampire Cure???

  1. Hahaha, I love that you tease “maybe vampire’s blood can heal you?”, and then immediately say, “nope, just kidding, you’ll turn into a vampire”.

  2. I can almost see this like a dumb comedy.

    “I know! We’ll drink it and we’ll be protected.”

    “Cool dude, pass me some too.”

  3. However, I could see the victim or minion of a vampire drinking the blood in order to become like the one who dominated them.

  4. Yes it can be a cure, but as with most drugs, only if used correctly. Good post. Interesting material.

  5. I cannot see vampirism surviving the modern drug industry. Nothing a couple of transfusions and four paracetamol couldn’t cure.

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