Are you superstitious? I am…well sometimes, I am.

under ladder

I didn’t walk under ladders, then I did for a few years and then I didn’t again. I was always told walking under a ladder was bad luck is that what you were told?
Turns out the superstition has a macabre background. Superstitions, witches, macabre…. come on you knew I’d be all over this one.

It seems this originates from colonial America during the witch-hunts. It’s widely believed witches were burned during the witch trials but in England and America, more were hung.
When they dropped, they’d fall below the ladder that led up to the gallows. Common belief said anyone who was touched by a witch especially if she or he was taking their last breath would soon die.

witches ladder

The belief in which is dying curse was so strong townsfolk would stay away from the ladder long after the death to prevent being cursed to death.
Also, witches’ heads were covered before being hung to prevent them from cursing anyone before death.


4 thoughts on “Ladder

  1. I’d never heard that one. I heard it came from the fine old English tradition of drawing and quartering, which was done on ladders. Very interesting.

  2. Mae Clair says:

    A most interesting post! I never realized that was how the superstition related to walking under ladders got started.

    I am superstitious, but only about certain things. Walking under ladders isn’t one of them though!

    • mari wells says:

      Same here, ladders are a phase I do through. I’m happy to shed some light on the superstition for you.
      Thanks for coming by and commenting Mae.

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